Huawei P10 and P10 Plus – Redefining what a smartphone can do

With its stylish design and innovative technology, the Huawei P10 is a great option. Photo enthusiasts can take portraiture to the next level with these Huawei phones. The cutting-edge Leica camera allows you to capture your precious moments and share them with the world. If you are on the lookout for used smartphones for sale, browse through the deals listed on Junk Mail.

huawei p10 smartphone

Image Source: Huawei Website.

Features of the Huawei P10

The Huawei P10 boasts a hyper diamond-cut finish which sets it apart from other smartphone models and brands. If you are looking for a stylish phone which showcases superior craftsmanship, this Huawei smartphone will exceed your expectations.

The innovative design of this model has resulted in a strong and attractive frame. High-gloss or sandblast finishes are other options for the P10. The collaboration between Pantone Colour Institute and Huawei ensures that these smartphones set new colour trends. Not only does the P10 look good, it feels good too. The lightweight body makes it easy to take your phone with you wherever you go.

huawei p10 specs

Image Source: Huawei Website.

Its extra slim frame makes owning this phone even more convenient. The rounded curves of these Huawei cell phones add to their aesthetic appeal. You can personalise your Huawei smartphone by selecting from a wide range of accessories. The distinctive accessories are manufactured from quality materials. Spectacular colours complement the exterior design of these phones.

For a more subtle look you can choose a Ceramic White or Graphite Black model. To enhance the exclusive style of your phone opt for Prestige Gold or Mystic Silver. Dazzling Blue, Rose Gold and Greenery are other exciting colour options for the P10.

Tech highlights of the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus

The Huawei P10 showcases Huawei’s latest phone technology. Are you a photo enthusiast? Don’t miss the opportunity to take outstanding photos using the Huawei latest phone technology. With a camera in your pocket, you won’t ever miss out on capturing a special moment.

A highlight of these Huawei phones is their Leica cameras. The partnership between Leica and Huawei means that you can take incredible artistic portraits with your phone. The dual camera 2.0 features 3D facial detection.

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Image Source: Huawei Website.

The quality of the images is improved by natural portrait enhancement. With dynamic illumination you can be rest assured that you will be able to capture a stunning portrait shot, anywhere, anytime. Optical technology improves the quality of the subject’s eyes in portrait shots.

With its wide aperture, you can create images that have a natural bokeh effect using the Leica dual camera. Another feature worth mentioning in this Huawei smartphone is the camera’s hybrid zoom which results in clearer images. You can showcase your best moments using the highlights feature to put all of your images into a video.

If you enjoy taking self-portraits, the Huawei is the perfect smartphone for you. The Leica front camera is suitable for use in low lighting conditions. The settings automatically changes to wide-angle if additional people join the picture.

Optical Image Stabilisation results in clearer images. The hybrid auto-focus offers quicker adjustments for better accuracy. With its 4K resolution, you can show your images to your friends and family on a larger screen without compromising on image quality.

With a Kirin 960 processor and ultra-memory technology, these Huawei cell phones are designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Machine learning enables your phone to offer a faster response time. Memory is kept aside for the apps that you use the most.

The fast speed of these Huawei phones makes multitasking easy so that you can get more done. Equipped with Wi-Fi 2×2 MIMO, these smartphones offer a better connection as well as an increased coverage range. The SuperCharge technology makes charging your P10 quick and safe.

The fingerprint sensor on this Huawei smartphone makes navigation more convenient. Its location beneath the glass of the front screen, frees up additional screen space while making the touch speed faster.

Huawei Phones Specifications

Whether you choose the Huawei P10 or P10 Plus, both phones offer you excellent specifications.

The P10 has a height of 145.3 mm, width of 69.3 mm and depth of 6.98 mm. The P10 Plus is slightly larger with a height of 153.5 mm, width of 74.2 mm and depth of 6.98 mm. The P10 weighs 145 g while the Plus model is slightly heavier with a weight of 165 g.

The P10 has a1920 x 1080 5.1 inch FHD display with 432 PPI. The P10 Plus boasts a 2560 x 1440 5.5 inch display with 540 PPI. Both smartphone models have an Android 7.0 operating system as well as a Kirin 960 CPU.

The P10 and Plus model offer 4.2 Bluetooth and 2.0 USB connectivity. The main camera for both models has a 20 Monochrome MP and a 12 RGB MP. Features of these cameras include Optical Image Stabilisation and Dual-tone Flash.

They offer 2x Hybrid Zoom as well as 4K video recording. These Huawei cell phones have an 8MP AF front camera. The Huawei P10 is equipped with a 3200 mAh battery while the Plus variation has a 3750 mAh battery. Audi file formats include mp3, mp4 and 3gp.

Other audio file formats include wma, ogg and wav.

If you are looking for smartphones for sale, search Junk Mail for Huawei phones that meet your requirements. With their excellent design and innovative technology Huawei smartphones are an excellent buy.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus - Redefining what a smartphone can do
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Huawei P10 and P10 Plus - Redefining what a smartphone can do
With its stylish design and innovative technology, the Huawei P10 is a great option. Photo enthusiasts can take portraiture to the next level.
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