Important safety tip for buying and selling number one

When you are buying or selling anything online or offline there are certain important tips that you need to keep in mind whether you are the buyer or the seller. Here is an important tip that you should always keep in mind before buying or selling anything. Keep in mind that we will be covering various safety tips for buying and selling in future blog posts to come. So be sure to subscribe to our blog RSS feed.

Your safety is the most important thing

One safety tip for buying and selling that is extremely important especially when dealing in large sums of money is to arrange that the meeting between the buyer and the seller should take place in a public area or an otherwise secured area where both parties feel safe to make the trade in question happen.

Now when it comes to you as the buyer or the seller, one can never put a price on your life. So don’t meet the other party in a dodgy area or place, especially not after dark. Even if the product is inexpensive, rather take a friend or family member along if you have any doubt about your safety.

Worst case scenario – You can phone the buyer or seller to reschedule the meeting so that you are both happy with the meeting circumstances. Don’t ever let a buyer or seller force you into a situation that you do not want. Don’t ever be so desperate as to gamble with your life or that of someone else’s in order to either buy or sell something, even if its urgent. If you need money urgently , “where there is a will, there is a way” and you can find another way to get the cash flow you want or need.

Have any safety tips for buying and selling you want to share or that you want us to do a blog post about? Be sure to leave your comments below.

Byron Martin

When asked to sum me up some of the words that normally pops into conversation is spontaneous, innovative, helpful, passionate, humorous and with a broad view of interests. I am an extrovert both online and offline and I regularly engage in thrill seeking activities and adventures both in the digital and real world.

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