How to Opt-Out from SMS Marketing

If you have ever received SMS Marketing from Junk Mail and would like to Opt-Out you can do the following:

1. Use the mobile phone to which the marketing message was sent and dial 011 062 1419
2. When the opt-out number is dialed, an error message will be received as the call does not connect but does triggers the opt-out action.
3. A confirmation of the opt-out will normally be received within seconds


Take Note – When the request to opt-out is made:
1. The recipient must send the free missed call from their cell phone, not a landline;
2. The recipient will need a positive airtime balance to initiate the call, but there will be no airtime deducted;
3. The cell phones sender ID must be on, else the system won’t be able to pick up the cell phone number;

If you would like to receive SMS Marketing from Junk Mail again please send an email to and request to be added to the SMS Marketing list.

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