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If you are starting up a business, buying second hand trucks can help to cut costs. Established companies can reduce expenditure by buying used vehicles. It is advisable to browse the trucks for sale to find a vehicle that is in good condition. Buying from a reputable brand will decrease the chance of future hassles. Buyers should check the cost of repairs and maintenance before committing to a sale. Second hand options include the 2014 Tata Prima 4038 S, the Isuzu NPR200 and Mitsubishi 16-253. There are also impressive new models on the market.

Buyers can find a range of different Tipper trucks for sale including the Peugot Boxer, Toyota Dyna and the Renault Maxity. The Renault Truck Maxity is available as a Tipper with an option of a 2.5 TD 110 horsepower or 130 horsepower engine. A 3.0TD 150 horsepower model is also available. This vehicle has a payload between 1,820 and 1,970 kgs. There is an option for a five or six manual transmission. This truck offers a hassle free way to carry loads making it a good buy for construction companies. The cabs are more spacious than earlier models and there is an option for a larger crew cab.

Peugot-Boxer-Tipper-TruckToyota-Dyna-tipper-truck Renault-Maxity-tipper-truck

The Volvo FMX is a durable and reliable vehicle. Ideal for construction work, this model was designed to perform tasks that other vehicles are not capable of. The focus of the Volvo FMX’s design is on practicality and it has a 500 horsepower engine. The axels can be adjusted to increase performance according to different tasks and the chassis can handle adverse conditions. Extra features are available and there are five different packages to choose from. This vehicle has a gross weight of 18,000 to 48,000 kgs.


The Volvo FH has a combination weight of up to 100,000 kgs. This vehicle is suitable for carrying goods over long distances. The Volvo FH was designed with comfort in mind and it has a range of safety features. To reduce the costs of delivering goods, the latest technology has been used to create a fuel efficient vehicle. Seatbelts, sensors and airbags help keep the driver safe.


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