Beware of the newest Property Scam

There have been numerous reports of property scam using Online Classifieds. At Junk Mail we do everything we can to ensure that fraudulent ads are not displayed on our website. Though some scam ads still filter through, we will continue to warn our honest users about potential threats and remove any irregular ads.Scam Alert

The latest scam involves a property to rent advertisement. Interested persons phone the telephone number listed and speak to a ‘very well-mannered person’. This person then gives a multitude of reasons why you will not be able to view the property, but will ask for a deposit securing the property for you. DO NOT BE DUPED, never pay money for something you have not seen!

  1. If you are unable the view the property, pending a court case, chances are it is a scamster
  2. If you need to pay a deposit without being able to view the property, you will most probably never see your money again and not have a property to rent
  3. If there is no To Let sign in front of the property it is probably not to let
  4. Were there any previous people renting; ask for their telephone number
  5. Speak with the neighbours, ask them about the owners
  6. Speak to the municipality in which the property falls to find out who the owner is

Try the following to make sure you are not caught by a scammer:

  1. Always make sure that you are dealing with the actual rental agency
  2. If the person renting the property is willing to give you a telephone number for a previous renter, make sure to ask a lot of questions to ensure you are not being duped
  3. If you cannot view the property, do not continue with the deal

If you’ve contacted an advertiser with regards to a property to let and do not feel 100% comfortable, e-mail our Junk Mail Customer Care Department with any questions or information you might have. Alternatively, click on the report ad link on every ad details page to make sure we are aware of the potential scam.

Remember, Be Savvy! Be Smart! Be Safe!

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