Safety Travelling Tips this school holiday

School’s out and most families will be going on vacation.

Keep yourself and those travelling with you safe by following a few safety travelling tips:


  • Tyre pressure, tyre thread and shock absorbersTyre_pressure

Make sure that the tyre is inflated correctly, and that the tyres and shock absorbers are not too warn down for both the load you are carrying onboard or towing behind you.  Tyres that are under inflated causes drag (more fuel usage) and less control over the vehicle, while over inflated and worn down tyres will give you less control and could cause the car to more easily skid when you have to stop quickly or going around a bend.  Worn out shock absorbers will cause loss of control, slower stopping times and a bumpy ride.

  • Brake fluid, oil, water and brake pads



Have the brake fluid, oil, water and brake pads checked before beginning your journey. If you are not sure have your car checked by a mechanic beforehand. It is very crucial that you check these things on your car before going on a long distance trip.


  • Inform others of where you are and take regular rests

Stop frequently, and rest (at least every 2 hours). There is no need to drive your car like you are on a Formula One race track.  Inform others of where you are during this time so that they can track your progress during rests rather than while you are driving.

  • Plan your route

Plan your route and stops and take note of any road closures, road construction or any traffic before leaving. A GPS system is always very helpful. Share this information with the people you inform. You can find a great bargain on GPS for sale on Junk Mail.


  • Booze, safety belts and attitude

Don’t drink and drive, ensure everyone has their safety belts on and be courteous and patient!



Enjoy and travel safely!

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