It’s almost Spring, prepare your garden!

For some people, gardening is therapeutic and Spring gardening even more so. If you are looking for something to take your mind off those troubling things at work or home, try gardening; it might just help! Spring

But before you jump in head first by buying a lot of pretty plants, read here to see how to prepare your garden for spring!

Start by preparing the ground for new beds. Lay a few layers, approximately 5, of newspaper sheets at the bottom of the bed and top it off with several centimetres of compost. This will eliminate any undergrowth. Do this while it is still a little frosty.

Shop for seeds at your local nursery. Plant the seeds indoors during the winter months by following the instructions on the packets. As soon as the threat of ice or ripe is gone, transplant the plants outside.

Cut back your grass in late winter.

Remove all unwanted vines and all weeds. They threaten the livelihood of other plants in your garden and can choke your other plants.

Clean all your gardening tools and supplies. Make sure all your tools are in good working order and replace those that are not. Sharpen the ones in need of sharpening and service your lawnmower.

Clean all the gutters around your house. Clean gutters and drains will protect plants that live under the overflow of these gutters and drains. This is especially important after all the leave fell in Autumn.

Fix your stone or concrete walkways. Rake uneven ground and make sure all holes are filled as necessary.

Throw mulch evenly across all gardening spaces and grass.

Prune or plant perennials in early Spring. Perennials are plants that live longer than 2 years and are constants in your garden. You can prune them, or move them or split them to create more of them.

Remember to relax while working in the garden and not only will you have a beautiful spot to relax in during summer, but you will relax by working too!

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