The Top 10 Smartphones of 2016

With so many smartphones to choose from it may be difficult to decide which one to buy. While it is great to have so many options it also makes choosing the perfect phones for sale more challenging.


Smartphones have gained popularity in South Africa over recent years, allowing their users access to the internet and apps. The increase in popularity in smartphones can be attributed to a number of factors. These devices make internet banking easy and they can also be used to access news. Another advantage of owning a smartphone is that it can be used for social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

When you are reviewing different smartphones for sale keep in mind our list of the top ten smartphones. Once you discover the best phone in the world it will be difficult not to dream of owning one.

The OnePlus 2 from OnePlus

Ranking in at number ten, the OnePlus 2 is an outstanding option and the second flagship smartphone from the start-up OnePlus. One reason to select these phones for sale is that they have a high quality design. While they offer impressive specs these smartphones are also affordable. Developed by a Chinese startup these latest smartphones are only available through online orders. Make sure that you order far in advance as there is a limited amount of stock.

Moto X Pure Edition from Motorola

One of the latest smartphones is the Moto X Pure Edition. The unexpected release of one of the top ranking phones on the market has delighted Motorola fans across the globe. While this smartphone mainly operates on Android there are a few specialised Motorola apps.


Image Source: Motorola Website.

The Moto X Pure Edition features stunning specs like a 21 MP rear camera, a 5 MP front camera, 4K video capturing and a 5.7” 1 440p Quad HD display, to name but a few examples.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

As one of the best smartphones for sale the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 offers plenty of benefits to its users. Its huge screen is just one of its impressive features. Similar to previous Note models it has an engaging display which is easy-to-use. Its metal and glass frame is both stylish and functional.


Image Source: Samsung Website.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 weighs in at just 171 grams, has a 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM and offers fast wireless charging. You can also expect a 16 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera.

The G5 model from LG

As we get closer to finding the best smartphone, the LG G5 takes seventh place. Its metal frame is both durable and aesthetically appealing. Another advantage of owning this smartphone is that the removable bottom allows you to exchange a dead battery for a fully charged one.


Image Source: LG Website.

Users will be amazed at the capabilities of the LG G5 of these model phones for sale. The removable bottom means that you can fit other attachments to your smartphone such as a camera grip or a shutter button. The dual lens camera offers the user dynamic picture taking capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S7

One of the latest smartphones from Samsung, the Galaxy S7 takes sixth place. With revival of some of the Galaxy’s cherished features this is a popular phone. While the S6 didn’t have Samsung’s water resistance, users of the S7 can once again gain from this functional feature.

You can also increase your storage space with the S7’s micro SD card slot. You can see crucial information on your phone screen without having to activate it. The quick fingerprint sensor is another distinctive feature of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

At the midway mark to the best phone on the market you will find the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. What makes this model one of the greatest phones for sale is its large 5.5-inch display. Another distinctive feature is its longer battery life. Similar to the S7 it has a water resistance feature as well as a microSD slot.


Image Source: Samsung Website.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing features in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, read our ‘Tech Lowdown – Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge’ post.

A Look at the Nexus 5X

Ranked as one of the top 10 smartphones, the Nexus 5X will exceed your expectations. As the leader of Google’s latest releases its only competitors are the Nexus 6P and the iPhone. This model is a top-of-the-range Android phone and offers amazing features that range to include 4K video, a 5.2” Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display, a 5MP front camera and a 12.3 MP rear camera.


Image Source: The Nexus Website.

The Nexus 6P

The Nexus 6P, the Nexus 5X’s bigger brother is manufactured by Huawei who are renowned for their quality hardware. True to the Chinese company’s reputation the Nexus 6P is a quality phone.


Image Source: The Nexus Website.

Very much one of the best phones for sale today, the Nexus 6P also has a 4K resolution, a 5.7” WQHD AMOLED display, an 8 MP front camera and a 12.3 MP rear camera. These smartphones weigh in at only 178 grams.

Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus

With its big screen and awesome new features, the iPhone 6S Plus is most definitely one of the top 10 smartphones, taking its rightful place at second on this list. While it resembles the previous model it offers upgrades such as 3D Touch. This makes it easy to access a variety of apps.

Featuring a 5.5” Retina HD display, the iPhone 6S Plus allows for 4K video recording, has a 12 MP camera and weighs in at only 192 grams.

The iPhone 6S from Apple

Listed as the best cell phone on the market it is easy to see why the iPhone 6S is a coveted phone. Its eye-catching design and attractive hardware add to its appeal. Not only is this a stylish phone, it also offers impressive features. These phones allow their users to gain access to the best apps.

The iPhone 6S has a 4.7” Retina HD display, weighs in at only 143 grams and has a 12 MP camera, to name but a few of its outstanding features.


Image Source: Apple Website.

Once you have read reviews on these smartphones for sale you can decide which model fits your requirements. As these are the top 10 smartphones any model from this list is sure to offer you an incredible user experience. Remember, selecting the best phone on the market is very much dependant on your own needs and tastes.

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The Top 10 Smartphones of 2016
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The Top 10 Smartphones of 2016
With so many smartphones to choose from it may be difficult to decide which one to buy. The Junk Mail team takes a look at the top 10 smartphones for 2016.
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