Tired of missing your favourite shows? Buy a PVR Decoder

Once you buy a PVR decoder you will never miss your favourite TV show again. Gone are the days when you need to rush home to view a show, as with PVR you can record programmes and watch them at your leisure. With so many advantages to owning a PVR there is no reason not to sell your old DStv decoders and upgrade to PVR.


What is a PVR Decoder?

PVR decoders will allow you to record the best of local South African productions such as Isidingo and 7de Laan. Don’t miss a minute of the drama as you follow the lives of the Haines family and Rajesh Kumar on Horizon Deep. Enjoy watching the triumphs and failures of Aggie Ngwena and Charmaine Meintjies in 7 de Laan when you have free time. Sports enthusiasts can record Bafana Bafana, Proteas and Springbok games to make sure that they don’t miss a minute of the action. You can view the highlights in slow motion with a PVR decoder which allows you to scrutinise every detail of the match.

If you are looking to upgrade, you can choose between the HD PVR (4 Tuner), HD PVR (2 Tuner) and DStv Explora. These decoders offer the best that modern technology has to offer such as HD and XtraView capabilities. Exciting features include the ability to pause live TV and schedule recordings. These devices offer 150 hours of recording time and other benefits include parental control, video connections and an interactive guide.


If you want to watch two shows that are broadcasted at the same time, it is no longer a problem as you can watch one programme while simultaneously recording another one. Rewind and fast forward options are also available for recorded shows. PVR models are made for standard definition TVs as well as high definition TVs. It is not difficult to switch to a PVR decoder as they are versatile and easy to use. The decoders are reasonably priced and with the money that you make from selling your old decoder it will be easy to afford an upgraded model.


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