10 beautiful ways to style your sideboard

With the right styling, your sideboard can create a beautiful feature in your home. Firstly, you will need to find stunning sideboards for sale that will complement the design of your dining room. Once you have found a beautiful sideboard, get creative and let the styling begin. Get inspired with our 10 awesome styling ideas.

When it comes to dining room furniture for sale, purchase a sideboard that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Sideboards are typically rectangular and waist high. They are usually situated on the side of the room against the longest wall. A sideboard offers excellent storage for cutlery and table decorations.

sideboards for sale

The sideboard that you decide on will depend on the available space in your dining room as well as the style of your home. Sideboards are the perfect place to display ceramics, lighting and precious photos. You can also decorate your sideboard with pot plants. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Creative Grouping

Your sideboard is the perfect spot to group and display ceramics. Whether you have a collection of ceramics already or you just enjoy ceramic art, this is a great way to spruce up your sideboard. Decorating your dining room furniture doesn’t need to cost a fortune as you can find bargain second hand ceramics online.

If ceramics isn’t your thing there are plenty of other interesting objects that you can group together on your sideboard. Why not use your sideboard to display interesting mementos that you have collected during your travels? Not only do these objects add to the aesthetic appeal of your room, they also make great conversation starters.

It is important to remember to leave enough room for dusting and to dust regularly. A cluttered and dust filled sideboard will detract from the ambiance of your room.

creative item grouping on your sideboard

2. Delicious Snacks

The traditional use of sideboards is to serve food. When you are hosting a party using your sideboard to serve drinks and snacks is not only functional, it looks good too. Get artistic with the colours and layout of your drinks and food to create a beautiful feature the next time you invite over visitors.

3. Precious Memories

Your sideboard is the perfect place to showcase special moments. Whether its family photos or adventure snaps, these images add warmth and personality to your home. While the photo that you choose is the main feature, you will also need to pick your frames carefully.

The frames should complement the images as well as the style of your dining room furniture. While you may have numerous photos that you want to display, it is advisable to limit it to a few of your favourites.

photos above your dining room sideboard

4. Go Floral

Flowers are a beautiful way to add some colour to your sideboard. Select an elegant glass vase as the centrepiece and add your favourite flowers to complete the look. This sideboard style is simple and elegant. It also leaves you room to use your sideboard for its traditional function of serving food when you have guests.

5. Get in Touch with Nature

Bring nature into your home by adding pot plants to your sideboard. Pot plants help to create a relaxing ambiance in your home. You can create a line of pot plants for a neat but eye-catching look. You can get creative with the pots or choose a simplistic design that leaves the plants as the main feature. Not only do house plants make your room look good, they make you feel good too.

place a house plant on your sideboard

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6. Simplistic Style

Keep it simple by leaving your sideboard clutter free. If your home has a simplistic design, leaving your sideboard ornament free is a good option. Owning a sideboard with an intricate design is another reason to let your sideboard be the main feature, complimenting your dining room furniture pieces without detracting from it with ornaments.

7. Artistic Flair

Accentuate your sideboard by hanging artwork above it. Art will draw the attention of visitors and make your sideboard a focal point. The key is to select art that you enjoy looking at as well as to take the style of the room into consideration.

hang art above your sideboard

8. Light It Up

Lighting goes a long way to create a welcoming ambiance in your home. Not only are lamps functional, they can be used as ornamental decorations too. Get creative and choose artistic lamps with bright colours that compliment your dining room furniture. Another option is to choose sleek lamps which are perfect for rooms with a contemporary design.

9. Cocktail Delights

Show off your favourite drinks and cocktail glasses on your sideboard. You can leave beautiful glasses and bottles on display and bring out your other drinks from storage when you have guests. This is a great way to create a stylish and functional space in your dining room. Now you will have your very own mini bar ready whenever you need it.

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find a modern sideboard for sale

10. Stylish Symmetry

You can create a symmetrical design on your sideboard by placing matching objects on either side. This design is used to create a more traditional and formal look. You can get creative with the objects that you use but candles and flowers are some suggestions to get you started.

Now that you know more about these dining room furniture pieces, you can get started by finding the perfect sideboards for sale on Junk Mail. What are you waiting for? Add a touch of flair and personality to your home today!

10 beautiful ways to style your sideboard
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10 beautiful ways to style your sideboard
Once you have found a beautiful sideboard, get creative and let the styling begin. Get inspired with our 10 awesome styling ideas.
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