10 ways to spoil your lady this Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is on Friday! Yes, that’s tomorrow…

Don’t forget to make this day a memorable one for you and your lady by spoiling her rotten. Romance or chivalry might not be your strong point, but here’s some Valentine’s ideas you could use… Valentine’s day is the one day you can score some serious “brownie points”, so grab the opportunity:

1. Proclaim your love to her on the Junk Mail Facebook page in a creative way and tag her in the post. Proclaiming your love in public will definitely get her heart pumping chocolates.

2. Take her to dinner at a nice restaurant (not your local Roadhouse), but remember to book in advance, as most restaurants will likely be full on Valentine’s day. Take her taste and preference into consideration.

3. Stay at home and cook her her favourite meal, and create a romantic space for the two of you with candles, roses, soft music etc… Make sure your place is clean and tidy, and don’t expect her to do the dishes afterwards!

4. Take her on a weekend trip to the coast, mountains or camping, and spend some romantic alone time away. Check out our Holiday Accommodation section for ideas.
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5. Buy her a special gift. You can shop on Junk Mail, or you if you’re strapped for cash, you can sell your stuff for some cash to treat her with. Find out from her friends or family beforehand what she’s been eyeing or what she’s always wanted. Don’t buy her something from the hardware store.

6. Send her on a shopping trip. At most shops or malls you can purchase a gift card, which she can spend on whatever she wants, whenever. Don’t be skimpy…

7. Surprise her with flowers and chocolate at work. Sure, this can be a bit cheesy, but any girl loves to be spoiled by her guy in front of her friends. Make sure the roses are red and the chocolates good quality and there’s lots of it… Send a romantic note with it, letting her know how you feel about her. You don’t have to be poetic, but just be yourself and sincere.

8. Take her on a hot-air balloon ride. Check your local directory/Google for hot-air balloon services in your area. Be sure to pack a picnic basket with some champers, glasses and snacks to enjoy while you’re flying over beautiful scenery…

9. Take her on a sun downer game drive. This will probably need a weekend getaway, but a game drive with your lady, sipping champagne, whilst the sun is setting could be very romantic.

10. Book a couple’s spa day. I know, this is not exactly most guys’ favourite activity, but you know what, Valentine’s day is about being in love, and selfless. So endure it with a smile, make her happy and treat her to a couple’s day at the spa.

There you have it. Some great ideas on how to spoil your lady this Valentine’s day. If you’ve got some other great ideas, do share them with your fellow friends on our Facebook page, and let us know how it went!

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