4 reasons why Fidelity-ADT is a better security solution

Fidelity-ADT is one of the best security companies in South Africa. The consumer as well as commercial companies have found themselves spoilt for choice and quite frankly unable to decipher who is who in the category.  Here are 4 reasons why ADT is a better security solution:

1. Fidelity-ADT stands out above the rest:

With over 100 years of industry experience and innovation in every aspect of security and fire protection, Fidelity-ADT is the world’s principal blue chip provider. In saying this, they still have a community-focused mind-set. Fidelity-ADT does not believe in a one-size-fit-all approach, they first meet with the applicable residents associations, community policing forums and SAPS in the area to determine what the suburb’s issues are. They then present a security solution that has been tailored for that specific community.

ADT Security

Fidelity-ADT also offers a host of value added services such as FindU, Safe Entry, Medical Assistance and a Community Development Manager which provides neighbourhoods with personalised face-to-face service by forming relationships with SAPS, CPF and Resident Associations in order to enhance the safety of the communities that they service.

2. Rising crime and cash-strapped consumers mean there are more people than ever ready to employ “fly-by-night” guarding services that don’t provide adequate or legal benefits for their staff. Fidelity-ADT has bridged the gap in this pandemic. 

First and foremost, Fidelity-ADT is fully compliant and recognised by the Private Security Authority (PSIRA). In simple terms this means that they are not a fly-by-night company and governed by a regulatory body that has been appointed by the Minister of Police in consultation with the cabinet. Every organisation or business which operates within the security industry MUST be registered with PSIRA.

Fidelity-ADT personnel undergo strict recruitment and selection criteria to ensure that only the highest calibres of personnel are chosen. Each Fidelity-ADT candidate undergoes at least 2 security clearance checks as well as psychoanalysis testing prior to an offer of employment. The objective is to ensure the candidate’s compatibility with a position of trust in a security company and also that the candidate fits the culture of the company, which is one of service and protection.

Rigorous training is then instituted and maintained on an ongoing basis, ensuring their personnel are trained properly and professionally in firearms, crime scene management/understanding and basic medical first aid, all of which renders them capable of dealing with any situation that may arise.

3. Fidelity-ADT has established Localised Security Schemes; commonly known as Community Security Schemes. 

Localised Security Schemes provides a proactive, highly visible security service geared to meet the unique safety requirements of individual communities. By working in partnership with area committees or Neighbourhood Watches, Fidelity-ADT is able to design a security service which effectively reduces the presence of criminals and potential crime in any community.

Fidelity-ADT Security’s LSS options are varied and tailored to suit the needs of a specific neighbourhood or community. With hundreds of Localised Security Schemes in place nationally, the LSS model has proven to be an extremely effective deterrent to would-be perpetrators and has had a significant success rate in reducing crime wherever implemented. All Fidelity-ADT LSS patrolmen are given dedicated LSS training, and are backed up by Fidelity-ADT’s 24/7 Armed Response.

Localised Security Schemes typically consist of one, or a combination, of the following services: Access monitoring, dedicated bicycle or foot patrols, dedicated Armed Response vehicles, a strong Fidelity-ADT / neighbourhood watch signage and presence and CCTV at key neighbourhood access points. Together these act as a major deterrent and offer an immediate response to crime.

4. Fidelity-ADT offers FindU, Safe Entry, Medical Assist and Subscription Waiver and it gives their customers value for their money. 

This service is essentially the move from organization’s selling products to selling instead the solutions or outcomes that the products provide. FindU for instance is an app that sits on your phone, providing you with 24 hour emergency response at the palm of your hand. Safe Entry is another innovative service by Fidelity-ADT that enables you to contact the Control Room and request that the Armed Response Officer escorts you into your home late at night or when all does not seem right.

Fidelity-ADT offers its Monitoring and Armed Response customers emergency paramedic response through Netcare 911 Assistance, who will react to any client’s emergency to treat, stabilize and transport anyone legally on their premises to the nearest medical facility free of charge. They also have a 6 month(death) to 12 month (retrenchment) subscription waiver.

You might asking yourself “How can one become a member of the Fidelity-ADT family?”

There are many ways to join the Fidelity-ADT. Simply call 086 12 12 500/ 086 12 12 400 or visit their website at www.adt.co.za and fill in your details and wait for a friendly consultant to contact you…it’s as easy as 1-2-3. If you join Fidelity-ADT now, you get 3 months free service, T’s and C’s apply, offer valid upon signing a 24 month contract.

4 reasons why ADT is a better security solution
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4 reasons why ADT is a better security solution
ADT is one of the best security companies in South Africa. Find out 4 reasons why ADT is a better security solution for you.
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