Don’t miss the Photo & Film Expo

The Photo & Film Expo is an awesome opportunity to explore the world of photography. When it comes to this year’s calendar of Joburg events, this expo is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed. Whether you are using a professional camera or your phone to capture images, you can benefit from attending the presentations and activities that are scheduled to take place on the day. If you want to develop your photography skills, you can find cameras for sale on Junk Mail.

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About the Photo & Film Expo

The Photo & Film Expo is scheduled to take place from the 27th to the 29th of October and will be held in the Blue Wing of the Ticketpro Dome in Northgate. This exciting event has been running for the last nine years, and with the new venue, this year’s expo is better than ever. Whether you want to buy second-hand cameras or the latest models, this event gives you the opportunity to gain insight into what the photography industry has to offer. Not only can you review the latest cameras for sale, there are also plenty of opportunities to learn more about the art of photography.

This event is comprised of both indoor and outdoor sections with plenty of activities to get involved in. Other highlights of the expo include demonstrations as well as opportunities to take stunning photos. On level two you’ll find all the amenities that you need. The facilities include meeting areas as well as private breakaway rooms. If you’re looking for refreshments, you can find them at the restaurant and bar. The Photo & Film Expo is accessible by wheelchair and there is secure parking at the venue or complimentary parking across the road.

Whether you’re still about the basics of photography or you’re a skilled professional, everyone can benefit from visiting the expo. If you’re already skilled at operating a professional camera, you can attend the advanced sessions. Masterclasses also help professional photographers to refine their skills while presentations assist business people and marketers to improve their basic photography capabilities. If you want to learn how to take exceptional photos and edit them for your personal use, you’ll also find what you’re looking for when you visit the expo.

The speakers at the event include experienced professionals as well as rising talent. The range of contributors means that there is something for everyone. Presenters include Shaun Harris, who will be talking about Intellectual Property and Copyright both locally and abroad. You can also expect to see TC Maila, a talented South African travel photographer. Other speakers include Stephen Segal, Andrew Appleton, and Blunt Moya. When it comes to Joburg events, the expo is definitely worth attending.

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Image source: Photo & Film Expo facebook page

Types of cameras for sale

Before you decide what type of camera to buy, it’s important to explore the models that are available on the market. If you are looking for a professional camera, you will need a digital SLR model. These cameras offer a dynamic and advanced performance. Its larger size and outstanding capabilities set it apart from other types of cameras. Both Canon and Nikon manufacture exceptional models in this category.

If these models are out of your price range, you can look for second-hand cameras from these manufacturers. Digital SLR cameras feature an automatic mode as well as full manual, aperture propriety, and shutter priority modes. The benefit of this camera is that it gives you increased control over the exposure settings. You can also change the lenses according to the requirements of the image that you are trying to capture. There is a wide range of options available, including zoom, wide angle and fixed-focus lenses. The Digital SLR lenses are typically of a higher quality than the other types of cameras. These models also have a larger image sensor size which enhances the quality of the photos that you can take.

When it comes to finding cameras for sale, another option is to buy a compact digital model. These devices are easier to use and their compact size makes them convenient to carry around. The minimum specs for compact cameras are typically 3 x zoom and 12 megapixels. They offer an automatic mode as well as landscape and portrait modes. A third option is to purchase an advanced compact camera that enables you to make some adjustments to the exposure settings. These models typically include a manual mode and offer an increased zoom range.

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Now that you know more about the different types of cameras for sale, you can search online for great bargains. Don’t miss out on the Photo & Film expo so that you can take your photography skills to the next level.

Don’t miss the Photo & Film Expo
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Don’t miss the Photo & Film Expo
The Photo & Film Expo is an awesome opportunity to explore the world of photography. Junk Mail Blog has just the info you need about the Joburg event.
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