5th Dedicated Junk Mail Cape Town fan found!

By now most of Cape Town knows that Junk Mail has been hunting for their biggest fans in Cape Town. Finding this highly dedicated Junk Mail Cape Town fan has been quite an adventure. We have met such amazing Junk Mail Cape Town fans along the way and it is even better to know that these fans are here to stay.

Over the last week we’ve asked all of you competing for the R2000 daily cash prizes to share your real-life stories on the Junk Mail Cape Town Facebook page. These daily testimonials have inspired the Junk Mail team and all of our fans to believe in the power of local classifieds.

This was the last day of the ‘Tell Us Your Story’ competition, so we asked all of our fans to show their dedication to Junk Mail Cape Town and get a friend to vouch for their story. The Junk Mail team gave all our entrants many tips along the way to try and get them to meet the conditions of today’s contest.  Some of you had very powerful stories and showed lots of dedication from the start of the competition but didn’t have someone to vouch for your Junk Mail Cape Town story. This afternoon we took the time to ask all of our fans who they thought today’s most dedicated fan and winner should be. Hop onto the Junk Mail Cape Town Facebook Fan page and see which story you would pick as the winner?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Cape Town fans for entering today’s challenge. Thank you to each one of you for keeping the Junk Mail Cape Town story going!

These are the top 5 stories in Day 5 of the Junk Mail Cape Town ‘Tell Us Your Story competition: 

In 5th place we have Nadia Gamieldien, who sent us this story:
Nadia Gamieldien

Jaqueline Major-Biggs hasbeen awarded 4th for this story
Jacqueline Major Biggs

Jamiela Adams sent us this story about the swimming pool she bought through Junk Mail Cape Town and it has been awarded 3rd place in today’s competition:
Jamiela Adams

The Junk Mail Team received this story from Chad Bredenkamp and it has been crowned with the 2nd place honor in today’s competition:
Chad Bredenkamp

Gemma Johnson Posted this gem of a comment on our wall and has been crowned as the winner of the R2000 cash prize:
Gemma Johnson

Congratulations to Gemma Johnson for sharing your dedication to Junk Mail Cape Town and getting your dad to vouch for your Real Story Deal. We hope to see you and your friends buying and selling on Junk Mail Cape Town soon! 

Watch this space for more competitions on Junk Mail! They might be around faster than you can shout “Bakkies Botha” out loud!

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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