6 Tips for choosing a Wedding Photographer


Even though it is one of the most special days of our lives, organising a wedding is a massive undertaking, with so much to think of, to do, people to deal with and money to fork out. Before you start organising your wedding, take some necessary time-out, and read some online tips for making your day special and hassle-free.

Here are just a few tips, to get you started, on how to choose your Wedding Photographer. Those pictures will always follow you and your new spouse, so make very sure you choose the right person or company to take them…

1. Start your search early
As soon as you start planning your wedding, start looking for professional photographers, online, in wedding magazines, etc. The good and affordable ones are normally booked well in advance, so to avoid disappointment, and to make sure you get the best for your day, get cracking early.

2. Make sure you’ll get along
When you meet with prospective wedding photographers, check out the ‘vibe’ you get from them. Are they easy to get along with? Do they listen to you, and respect your wishes as the customer? Weddings can be stressful, and the last thing you need to deal with before and on the day is a difficult, demanding photographer.

3. Do they understand your vision and style?
It’s your day. You’ve probably been dreaming of it since you were a child, and you most likely already have a specific “vision” for it, and your own unique style. A professional wedding photographer should listen to you carefully and execute that “vision”, and even better than you thought. They should not be enforcing their own ideas and style on you. You are a paying customer, and the customer is always right.

4. Get references and view their previous work
A professional wedding photographer will already have built up a good to find out if they were satisfied with the work done, was it according to the bridal pair’s wishes, and within budget/timeframe. Also go through the photographer’s portfolio of work previously done, and see if you are happy with the signature “style” of the photographer, and whether it will suit your needs.

5. Keep budget in mind and get your money’s worth
Wedding photography is a major expense. You can look at anything between R10k-R20k. So determine your budget before you go on appointments to see these photographers. Of course you’ll have to be a little bit flexible, but don’t get pressured into paying more than you can afford. Also make sure you get the most for your money. A lot of good photographers these days offer package deals that, apart from photographing the wedding, include things like a pre-wedding engagement photo-shoot, video footage on the day and a professional wedding album. If you can get all that included, whilst still staying within budget, why not?

6. Be on the same page
Make sure you and the photographer are clear on expectations and deliverables. Editing photographs take some time, so to avoid frustration, set agreed-upon deadlines for when you should receive your photographs, videos and wedding-album and your final payment should be made.

Hope these tips are helpful in choosing the right photographer for your special day. Start right now; find Wedding Photographers advertising on Junk Mail.

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