Tips on how to organise a successful event

Tips-on-how to-organise-a-successful-event

Whether you’re a beginner, have your own events company, or been tasked with a big project, there are always certain basics you should consider when organising a successful event.

Your reputation depends on it, because one bad event can certainly put a damper on it, and limit your chances of getting more events to organise.

An event is an opportunity for events companies to show off their professionalism and skills to clients, colleagues, prospects or investors, and the key to their success is in detailed planning. A thoroughly planned event, well in advance, has much less risk of going haywire…

However, that’s easier said than done. Where do you even start when organising an event?

Easy. Ask yourself five vital questions, the 5 W’s of event planning:

Who – What – When – Where – Why?

1. Who?
Your guests are your number one priority, always. You want to make sure they are happy, otherwise your event will be a flop and your reputation damaged. Know who will be attending, their likes, wants, needs and social standing, because that will determine the style, dress-code, food, drinks, venue etc. of the event.

2. What?
Decide on what you are going to need for your event, i.e. catering equipment, a stage, lights, entertainers etc. But first things first, finalise your budget. Be very strict here, unless you have sponsorships from big companies seeking brand awareness of course, but going over-budget can turn your event into a nightmare. Decide on what are absolute necessities, and cut on what you can do without, to make sure you adhere to your budget.

3. When?
Timing is crucial. A poorly timed event can either be a complete waste of time or spell disaster. It all depends on the purpose of your event. If, for example, you are planning a product launch for your company, make sure the date of your event coincides with marketing and promotional efforts being done for it. Make sure you give your guests plenty of notice, especially if your event concurs with seasonal events and holidays.

4. Where?
The type of event will determine the venue. Make sure the venue is absolutely suitable for your event, and what you want to achieve with it, taking into consideration safety, access, location, facilities and whether it will “impress” your guests or not. Once you’ve found your perfect venue. Book it well in advance, to avoid disappointment later.

5. Why?
Remember why you are doing this. Always check your objectives and whether you are still aligned with it. It’s easy to get swept up and carried away whilst organising an event, but ensure you are happy with the outcome and that your event is successful, regularly revisit your goals and what you want to achieve with it.

Organising an event can be a massive endeavour as you can see, so if this seems like a bit too much effort and you would rather get someone else who already knows how to do the job, you can find event services in your area on Junk Mail.

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