Apple TV and what it’s all about

You probably have the question, what is Apple TV? An Apple TV is an amazing invention. This innovative box can convert your TV into a smart TV capable of carrying out a lot of interesting functions. With the device you get control over your TV, what you can watch, and when you choose to watch it.

What is Apple TV?

With the Apple TV you will be able to access a wide variety of programs that are aired to the public. On top of this you will be able to access subscriber accounts and your own personal music and movie files. In a nutshell with this little device your TV set will be your own personal computer.

apple tv

Image Source: Apple South Africa Website.

So how does it work? You can think of an Apple TV as a media player allowing you to stream content from the internet. It also has a lot of amazing features such as Siri voice control that will help with search capabilities, a dedicated app store for Apple TV South Africa apps and an Apple TV remote with a touchpad for volume control and Bluetooth control.

For all you Apple fans out there, you will be excited to know that with the Apple TV you can stream audio from Apple Music. That’s right, if you subscribe to Apple Music and you have iTunes 10.5 or later on your computer you will be able to fully utilise the audio streaming functions. You will also be able to access your iTunes library on your TV thanks to Apple.

Apple TV Apps + Remote

So now that we have answered the main question, “What is Apple TV?”, let us look at the apps you will have access to. Much like other Apple devices, with the Apple TV you will have specific apps on the App store that you can download and use on your TV. These apps range from social media apps including Facebook, Twitter and all your favourite social media apps.

Photo sharing – to share those special moments with your loved ones or to just look back at past memories, media server apps, shopping apps and weather apps are some the apps you can download. You will have all the apps you need to make your Apple TV a very useful device that keeps you connected.

apple tv apps

Image Source: Apple South Africa Website.

The Apple TV remote is also an amazing little addition and allows you to control your device in numerous ways. You can connect your remote to your iPod, iPhone or Mac, whichever you prefer to use.

You also have the ability to control your volume, skip chapters of movies you are playing, fast forward, rewind and pause any media files you are playing and control which movie you want to watch. You do not normally have to buy this separately as it is included in the Apple TV price, which is around R 2 500 from iStore South Africa. However, if you lose your remote you may want to look for a decent replacement.

Games, Music and Photos on the Apple TV

Aside from being able to access and watch Netflix on Apple TV South Africa’s app store you will also have access to a lot of interesting games on the App store. A few interesting games that you may want to download as soon as you buy your Apple TV include:

  • Alto’s Adventure – this is the same game that you might know from your iPhone. The tap centric nature of this game makes it an excellent fit for your Apple TV remote.
  • Chameleon run – this 2D game is highly addictive and also an interesting game for your TV.
  • Crossy Road – this is another interesting game that will keep you entertained for hours. There are quite a few interesting games you can get with the device.
apple music

Image Source: Apple South Africa Website.

There are also other interesting apps available on Apple TV South Africa’s app store. As mentioned in previous paragraphs there are a lot of interesting photo sharing apps and music apps available on the apps store.

It is really up to you which app you choose to use to manage your photos and music. You will be able to store and access music and photos on your Apple TV making this a convenient extra storage device.

Consider the Apple TV Technical specifications

For those interested in the technical specifications of the Apple TV, the device comes with a 35 mm height, 98 mm width, 98 cm depth and 425 gram weight. You will have the option between a 32 GB storage and a 64 GB storage. Regarding the wireless connectivity, it comes with a 10/100 BASE -T Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

movies on the tv box from apple

Image Source: Apple South Africa Website.

The processor is quite decent, it comes built with an Apple dual-core A8 chip. This makes it a pretty decent machine for carrying out streaming and other basic features.

Once you buy the device you will also get an Apple TV remote, a power cord, documentation and lightning to USB cable all in your the box. If you are looking for an affordable solution you can look for a used Apple TV on Junk Mail.

Apple TV and what it’s all about
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Apple TV and what it’s all about
An Apple TV is an amazing invention. This innovative box can convert your TV into a smart TV capable of carrying out a lot of interesting functions.
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