Are you in need of Bridging Finance?

You have a big amount of money coming your way, but there is a delay or a waiting period. Whether it is your retirement money, a provident fund payout or you’re getting a package as part of retrenchment, not many of us can afford to be without money for such long stretches.

How do you make ends meet in the meantime? We list a few ways in which you can bridge the payout gap without going hungry or insane.

Sell those items you no longer useBoxes

There is nothing like lots of time on your hands to help you realise how much clutter you have; those awesome items you just had to have, but have never used, or the extra couch taking up too much space.

Take this time to sort through everything and start fresh. Advertise these items for sale on Junk Mail and you could make quite a bit of money! Click here to place a Free Junk Mail Ad now!

Advertise your services

All of us have a secret talent, be it baking, doing handyman things, typing or any such. Create a free trade account on Junk Mail and advertise these services! Our site is responsive, so you can even manage your business from your mobile phone.


Get bridging finance

coinsYou can apply for bridging finance while waiting for your payout. ‘A bridge loan is interim financing for an individual or business until permanent financing or the next stage of financing is obtained’, Wikipedia. All you need to do is click here.

This is a very good option if you don’t have any unused items in your home, or your secret talent needs to stay secret.

Whatever you decide to do, Junk Mail can help! If you want some advice in this regard, simply add our WhatsApp Customer Care number to your contacts, and say Hi – 082 843 6952!

Good luck for the future, and remember to let us know how Junk Mail has helped you bridge the finance gap!

Are you in need of Bridging Finance?
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Are you in need of Bridging Finance?
This is how to overcome a waiting period for a lump sum of money, whether you're waiting for a retirement, provident fund or retrenchment package payout.
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Junk Mail
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