Golf carts on par with your game

Are you looking for golf carts for sale? Yamaha, Club Car and Ezgo offer a range of trustworthy products to choose from. When it comes to golfing equipment, a golf car is an important investment. Whether it is for your personal use or for your company, it is advisable to research the golf cars which are currently available before making a decision. Golf cart prices also vary according to their size, make and model.

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Today we look at three brands in South Africa and the golf carts they have on offer.

Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha Golf Carts offers you a wide range of models to choose from and, as the leaders in the industry, Yamaha offers its customers a choice between four power options.

Buyers can choose from AC (Electric) and Gas EFI. Other options include DC (Battery and Carburated). The benefit of gas is that the 45 MPG is the best in the golf-cart industry. Gas also has the advantage of reducing operational expenses.

The advantage of finding electric golf cars is that these models offer smooth acceleration. Electric golf carts also climb inclines easily.

The success of Yamaha Golf Carts is evident in the fact that 1657 courses have changed to use these models over a six year period. Yamaha has received a first place rating for trustworthiness and customer satisfaction. To get an idea of what Yamaha offers, take a look at these models:

Electric Golf Carts

The Yamaha electric golf car models come with variations in colour and number of seats. The selection includes a 2, 4 or 6 seater.

For subtle sophistication you can choose between Glacier or Sandstone Metallic golf carts. Emerald, Garnet or Tanzanite are perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd. These carts are 2395 mm long, 1200 mm wide and 1789 mm high with a sun top. The wheelbase for this model is 1640 mm and it has a ground clearance of 116 mm. It has a rectangular tube structure with an injection moulded resin. The Electric Yamaha golf cart also has rack and pinion steering.

EFI Golf Cars

Yamaha golf carts come with the seater options of 2, 4, 6 seaters as well as a utility model. Colours include Sandstone Metallic, Emerald and Glacier. The Yamaha EFI carts are 2395 mm in length, 1200 mm in width and 1789 in height with the suntop. This model has a wheelbase of 1640 mm and a maximum ground clearance of 116 mm.

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Models offered by Club Car

The attention to detail is evident in the design of the options available from Club Car. Every aspect of the golf car reflects Clubcar’s commitment to outstanding performance. Their quality products and excellent customer service are at the core of the brand.

With more than 600 distributers worldwide, Club Car has achieved international success. Their golf cars are well-known for their efficiency and durability, and their innovative products are designed to meet the needs of local and international customers.

Take a look at some of the golf carts for sale from this brand:

Golf Cart Club Car Precedent i2L

The Precedent i2L Golf Cart from Club Car offers cutting-edge drive train technology. Fast acceleration and agile handling set these models apart from the crowd. A highlight of this model is its Visage Mobile Golf Information System.

golf carts from club car

Image Source: Club Car South Africa Website.

The Precedent has double reduction helical rack and pinion steering. It has a ladder-style box bean frame which is made from aluminium. The dimensions of this model are 232 cm by 120 cm by 174 cm. It has a 166.4 cm wheelbase and a ground clearance of 11.4 cm. The fuel tank capacity for this model is 25.4 litres.

The Golf Cart Club Car Villager 4

Make a bold impression with a Villager 4. This model offers you both economy and class. The state-of-the-art Excel Electric Drive System enhances the performance of the Villager 4. Safety and comfort features are all part of the package.

Durability and reliability are another reason to purchase this brand of golf carts. The lifespan of this model is extended with aluminium chassis. The impact resistant body panels and ergonomical seats are note-worthy features of this model, with its ladder-style box beam frame constructed from aluminium which boosts its durability. The dimensions of this model are 232 cm by 120 cm by 174 cm. Its ground clearance is 11.4 cm.

villager 4 golf cart

Image Source: Club Car South Africa Website.

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Ezgo Golf Carts

Founded in 1954, Ezgo has a long history of excellence. With a focus on manufacturing quality golf cars that meet the needs of their clients, Ezgo has achieved international success. The company’s diverse range of products further adds to its appeal.

In recognition of their outstanding operations, Ezgo was awarded the 2009 Prize for Operational Excellence. Innovation and a dedication to quality, makes Ezgo golf carts a great choice. Take a look at some of the Ezgo golf carts for sale which are currently available.

RXV Ezgo Golf Cars

The Ezgo RXV continues to raise the bar for excellence. Its innovative features add to its appeal. These models have a welded steel frame with epoxy coating. The standard colour of these golf cars is Forest Green. Dimensions are 240 cm long, 119 cm wide and 174 cm high with a canopy.

It has a wheel base of 167 cm and ground clearance of 167 cm. The RXV is equipped with double-ended rack and pinion steering.

TXT Ezgo Golf Carts

The TXT Ezgo golf carts have a reputation for reliability. The TXT boasts smooth handling and improved energy efficiency. TruCourse technology is another highlight of this model. The TXT has a welded steel frame with powder coating. The standard colour of this model is Forest Green.

The overall length is 236 cm, width is 119 cm and height with a canopy is 171 cm. The wheel base is 168 cm and the ground clearance is 11 cm. The TXT has self-compensating rack and pinion steering. Standard features of this model are dash storage, cup holders and ball holders.

Golf Cart Specifications

For an overview of the performance for Yamaha, Ezgo and Club Car models, take a look at the following performance table.

Specifications of Golf Carts for sale in South Africa

Yamaha ElectricClub Car Precedent i2L Ezgo RXV
Motor (Volt)484848
Output (kW)52.43.3
Max Forward Speed (kph)248 – 30.612 - 24

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Golf carts on par with your game
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Golf carts on par with your game
When it comes to golfing equipment, golf carts are an important investment. Yamaha, Club Car and Ezgo offer a range of trustworthy products to choose from.
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