Baby Prams and Strollers to meet your needs

A new baby in the family is such a special time but it can also become quite overwhelmingly chaotic. Life suddenly seems to always be bustling, with caring for a baby and fitting in visits with friends and relatives, there is so much to think about and consider before you even get out of the front door. And although the vast range of products out there strive to help make things easier and more convenient, it can all be seriously baffling, particularly for new parents. To help guide you through the difficult task of choosing the right baby prams for sale for your precious bundle of joy, we have put together this article. After reading it and feeling like you are now master of the situation, try browsing through the numerous baby prams and strollers for sale on Junk Mail. And although it’s often said that “they grow up too fast”, the silver lining is that baby products are often only used for a short while and therefore left in great second-hand condition. Also if you’re on the other side of the amazing adventure and have a stroller at risk of just collecting dust, why not place your free ad and let it instead be part of welcoming another into this world.

Pram or stroller? Is there even a difference?

“Pram” and “stroller”, although words often used interchangeably, are actually not the same thing. A pram, short for perambulators, also known as baby carriage, is basically a Moses basket on wheels. Prams are suitable to carry new borns and infants until they are able to sit up. The carriage has a cushioned, flat bottom which would enable your infant to sleep comfortably in a lying position while you transport them around with you. The carriage of a pram usually rides quite high above the ground, making it easier for you to keep an eye on and tend to your baby. Prams have a wide canopy offering protection from the sun, dust or rain. For all their merits, baby prams do have a down side. They are bulky and heavy, and aren’t the most convenient for child transport when going to a mall or when transporting your infant in the car.

Fun fact: The first pram was created by William Kent in 1733, for the Duke of Devonshire, as a carrier for his children. It was shaped like a small, traditional carriage, designed to be drawn by ponies.


Strollers are used to carry toddlers or infants who are already able to sit up. Also known as a pushchair or buggy, baby strollers have seats equipped with a harness, safety belt and crotch strap, ensuring that your toddlers can be transported securely. Strollers also often have a hood or canopy for protection from the elements, and wheels for convenient transportation. Strollers ride fairly low to the ground and are essentially kitted-out, safety seats-on-wheels. They are generally lightweight and often collapsible.

These days there are prams for sale that are hybrids of both prams and strollers. Although generally more costly, these carriages are very practical to buy as you will not need to purchase a new carriage as your child gets older. When choosing the best carriage, your child’s comfort and safety should always be your primary considerations.


Types of Prams and Strollers

We’ve already mentioned the difference between strollers and prams, but now let’s take a brief look at the different types of each.

Types of Prams for sale

3-in-1 Travel System: for people who are always on the go. This option consists of a pushchair, a cot and a car seat. The cot is detachable, which is very convenient when your baby is fast asleep. You are able to remove the cot from the chassis of the pram, without having to wake him/her.

Babybuggz has two great options: the Maxi Cosi Combo or the Triplicity 3 in 1 travel systems. Babybuggz prams are all about deluxe; they have swivel wheels, that can easily be removed to make them even more compact, a light-weight aluminium frame, reversible seats so that baby can be rear or forward facing, removal fabric for easy cleaning, and adjustable just about everything – harness, bumper, handles and recliner position.  No screws, just a click or two and the parts just slip in and out.


Chelino prams are also well-worth considering as they are all about comfort for baby. The Twister Travel System has all the bells and whistles; a multi position back rest, sun canopy, 360 degree twist handle, reversible seats plus much more, plus it grows with your baby through removing the infant seat and changing it into a toddler stroller. The head support pillow with shoulder pads provides a very comfortable ride and is also easily washable which makes cleaning a breeze. The bonus of this unit is an extra-large shopping basket in which to store all the gear you need for a fun-filled excursion or busy day around town with baby.

Baby Pushchair: adjustable throughout stages, from infancy to toddler, to serve the purpose of a pram (flat carriage) as well as a stroller (upright seat).

Bebe Confort’s Elea Stroller is a very stylish option which includes a shopping basket, sun canopy, raincover, adapterset and parasolclip for Bébé Confort baby car seat and carrycot should those be purchased later. It also has a dual folding option: quick-folding to compact freestanding unit for daily use which is ultra-compact for easy storage. The Elea Stroller also reclines to 3 positions including a lie-flat recline to use from birth and it has an adjustable seat which can switch from forward to rearward-facing within seconds.

The front swivel wheels can be locked from behind the pushchair, which help to maintain control of the stroller at all times. The height of the seat is also adjustable and the seat covers are easily removable for washing.


Twin Prams (or Double Prams): extremely handy for parents with twins or two young children. The cots can either be positioned side by side, or one behind the other (extremely handy when navigating narrower spaces).

Cosatto has a Supa Dupa Dual Stroller which is very new-age in both style and design, serving as both a pram and a stroller. It is suitable from birth and each cot can be reclined (with one hand – very convenient when having two to worry about) to four different positions, independently. It is easy to manoeuvre with a lightweight aluminium chassis, adjustable handle height plus a third handle for ease of use.

These baby prams for sale have soft insulated bottle carriers, a multimedia gadget pocket with speaker (perfect when you’re feeling like you have no extra hands to answer calls, or even when playing lullaby’s to your little-me’s), easy umbrella fold with auto lock, adjustable calf supports, lockable front swivel wheels, fully removable seat unit for easy cleaning and spacious storage basket. And there is even more great features to this unit.


Types of Baby Strollers

Car Seat Stroller Frame: As the name suggests, this is not a stroller, it is just a frame. Just remove your detachable car seat, attach it to the frame and you have a stroller ready to go. It is very convenient, being lightweight and highly portable.

Lightweight Strollers: again, the name is a give-away. These strollers are extremely lightweight and can be neatly folded. They are great for families who love to travel and the bonus is that they are also relatively inexpensive.

The MINI Buggy by Easywalker is one such unit. Suitable from birth to 20 kg, extremely lightweight and manoeuvrable at just 7kg but still featuring many of the attractive attributes of other larger strollers, make this model the perfect travel companion from day one.


The Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller falls quite nicely between the categories of a lightweight stroller and a jogging stroller. It is a rugged, compact, value-for-money, high quality stroller that despite its light weight, has not compromised on the features that full-sized strollers include with their models. Features that stand out with this Jeep pram are the adjustable sun canopy with peek-a-boo window, front swivel wheels with front-end suspension, large storage basket with two side cargo bags, removable parent tray with two cup holders, child snack tray with cup holder and adjustable foot rest.


Jogging Strollers: strollers mounted on three bicycle wheels, designed to give a smooth, efficient ride. Ideal for those parents who enjoy jogging and long walks and wish to include their little ones in the outings.

Chelino’s Coco Jogger features a five-point safety harness, dual front wheel with lock, rear brakes, a sun canopy and a four-position reclining back rest making it a safe and comfortable ride for your child (suitable from birth to four years) while you enjoy your much-deserved, energetic outing. It also includes a handy shopping basket, a parent and child tray (great if you stop off for a quick snack along the way) and a one-hand easy fold mechanism to conclude the outing without frustration.

Thule’s Glide is considered by some as the best jogging stroller on the market, possibly even earning it the title of a running stroller. It is very lightweight and aerodynamic. It features large, durable wheels allowing you to cover more ground and a fixed front wheel allowing for better control. Effective rear suspension keeps baby comfortable, even on bumpy terrain and when your workout “bubby” needs a break, the seat reclines to an almost-flat position for a quick power nap.


Double and Triple Strollers: These options can accommodate more than one baby. Just as in the case of the twin prams, you can either have your twins sit next to each other, or one behind the other in the double strollers.

Stadium Duo is one of the many Graco prams available. This fairly manoeuvrable double stroller has a back seat which is suitable from birth and a front seat which is suitable from around 6 months, both to approx. 3 years. It has reclinable positions, 4 in the backrest of the rear seat and 2 in the front seat. The one-hand seat recline system enables you to recline the backrest quickly and easily with just one hand. The 5-point harnesses are great for safe restraint. The elevated rear seat and a transparent window in the hood canopy allows for better visibility of the elder child. Additional benefits include a play tray, front apron and a super-sized shopping basket.


The extremely versatile UPPABaby Vista is in a league of its own. With several configurations and compatibility to other UPPABaby products, it has the ability to easily adapt to the growing needs of a growing family. It can accommodate up to three children with an extra seat as well as the PiggyBack Ride Along Board; an attachment that links to the back of your stroller allowing your older toddler to stand on and enjoy the stroll when they’re feeling tired.


So when it comes to purchasing accessories for your beloved brood, don’t let the mass of baby prams and strollers for sale overwhelm you. Understanding your needs (now and for the future) is vital when making your choice. The manoeuvrability, ease of transport, use and storage, safety, comfort and enjoyability of your pram or stroller are also key considerations, which of course need to be linked in with, probably the biggest consideration of them all, your budget.

But don’t despair – with sites like Junk Mail selling great bargains every day, you may just be able to afford the absolute best baby prams for sale for your precious youngster on even the tightest of budgets. Selling your prams and baby strollers? Sell fast by placing your FREE AD on

Baby Prams and Strollers to meet your needs
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Baby Prams and Strollers to meet your needs
To help guide you through the difficult task of choosing the right baby prams for your precious bundle of joy, we have put together this article. 
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