Bathroom cabinets and vanities for a functional space

Looking for bathroom design ideas that will breathe new life into your home? Buying stunning bathroom cabinets and investing in some unique pieces of furniture are a great way to give your bathroom your bathroom a fresh new look. You can start by finding great deals bathroom cabinets for sale on Junk Mail.

Floor Bathroom Cabinets

When it comes to selecting bathroom furniture, floor cabinets are a great option. Single floor cabinets are well-suited to smaller rooms. When you are selecting cabinets you will have to consider style, size and finishes.

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The thickness of the materials used varies and if you are looking for a durable cabinet it is better to choose one which is made from thicker material. The finishes on the cabinets will influence their durability as well as their aesthetic appeal. The finish that you choose will depend on the style of your bathroom and whether you are trying to create a modern or classical look.

You can also purchase fully assembled bathroom cabinets for added convenience. Single or double door options are also available. As there is a high level of moisture in bathrooms it is advisable to buy a cabinet that has a moisture resistant coating.

If you like these type of floor cabinets, be sure to check out the great bathroom vanity ideas later on in the post. Also be sure to check out our “Bathroom makeovers and ideas for a fresh look” post for some more great bathroom ideas!

White Angelique Floor Cabinet

This floor cabinet is a great addition to any bathroom. It is 805 mm wide, 465 mm deep and 865 mm high. Its stunning white exterior suits both classical and modern bathrooms. You can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom by adding this fantastic cabinet. The White Angelique cabinet comes with a ceramic basin and mirror. It is priced at around R6 400.

bathroom floor standing cabinet

Image Source: CTM South Africa Website.

Dark Oak Vienna Floor Cabinet

This sophisticated floor cabinet is 600 mm wide, 470 mm deep, 840 mm high and comes with a ceramic basin. The cost of this bathroom cabinet comes in at around R2 800. If you are looking for more modern bathroom design ideas, this cabinet is accentuated by chromed feet and handles. The gap in the back of the cabinet allows for convenient connection to plumbing.

The single shelf provides practical storage space. Its soft closing door stops slamming which reduces both noise and damage to the cabinet. Duco coating increases the longevity of the cabinet. This stunning bathroom cabinet has a rectangular basin as well as square feet and two doors.

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Image Source: CTM South Africa Website.

Wall Hung Basin Cabinets

Wall hung basin cabinets offer additional storage space and beautifully compliments modern bathroom design ideas.

Mini Grey Wall Hung Basin Cabinet

You can find a mini cloud grey wall mounted cabinet for around R 2 400. This bathroom cabinet is 500 mm wide, 400 mm deep and 620 mm high. The mini grey cabinet is well-suited to small bathrooms and its minimalistic design makes it perfect for modern guest bathrooms.

wall hung bathroom basin and cabinet

Image Source: CTM South Africa Website.

London Natural White Oak Bathroom Cabinets

This contemporary bathroom cabinet is priced at around R 2 700, is 700 mm wide, 460 mm deep and 470 mm in height. The partial opening at the rear of the cabinet makes linking the cabinet to pluming convenient. Other highlights of this cabinet are its duco coating, soft closing drawers and modern style.

wooden bathroom cabinets

Image Source: CTM South Africa Website.

White Cubo Bathroom Cabinet

The European style of these white cubo bathroom cabinets are perfect for modern bathrooms. Priced at around R 2 600, this compact cabinet is 600 mm wide, 450 mm deep and 400 mm in height.

bathroom cabinet mounted onto the wall

Image Source: CTM South Africa Website.

Wall Hung Cabinets for the bathroom

Wall hung cabinets are more traditional than other bathroom furniture options. However there are plenty of wall cabinets which have a modern style if you are decorating a bathroom with a contemporary look. They can be hung above the bathroom sink for convenience and the effective use of space. These cabinets are ideal for storing toiletries.

Medicine cabinets are another great option. Some wall units have towel bars underneath them for increased practicality while others have a mirror surface. When it comes to medicine cabinets, there are a few styles to choose from. If you buy a recessed cabinet you will need to cut into the wall during installation.

wall mounted bathroom cabinets

Surface mounted cabinets are placed on the wall. Beautiful decorative moulding is a highlight of these cabinets. These types of bathroom cabinets for sale require you to measure carefully so that the cabinet doesn’t extend too far over the sink. There are also cabinets that are designed to be used for surface or recessed mounting.

The dimensions of the area above the sink are indicative of whether you should purchase a recessed cabinet or a wall-mounted cabinet.

If cutting into the wall is problematic, recessed cabinets are not a viable option. When you are selecting wall units you may also opt for bathroom shelves. Doors can be included to create a neat appearance in the bathroom. Shelving units can also be installed around the toilet to create additional functional space.

Mahogany Essence Treble Wall Hung Cabinet

These stunning wall hung bathroom cabinets offer plenty of additional storage room. It is 605 mm in height, 1 000 mm in width and 116 mm deep. The Mahogany Essence Treble Cabinet has two doors and is priced at around R1 300. Other highlights of this cabinet includes its satin finish and minimalistic design.

medicine cabinet

Image Source: CTM South Africa Website.

Cloud Grey Wall Mirror Cabinet

The benefit of buying this compact wall mounted cabinet is that it maximises on space in your bathroom. Priced at around R 1 600, It is 550 mm wide, 700 mm high and 150 mm deep.

Bathroom Vanities for a touch of sophistication

The type of bathroom vanities that you choose will depend on a few factors. The number of people who use the bathroom will influence your choice. Bathrooms which are used frequently by numerous people cause more wear and tear on the vanity which means that is advisable to choose durable bathroom furniture.

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Guest rooms which are used less frequently are suited to more fragile and dainty vanities.

If you are buying bathroom furniture for a small bathroom, adding a beautiful and stylish vanity can create a focal point in the room. You can increase the practicality and style of your vanity by adding accessories. Options include drawer organisers as well as end panels.

Adding a new vanity is an awesome way to update your bathroom and create a fresh new style. To help you get started, check out these great bathroom vanity ideas:

Stiletto 110 Bathroom Vanity

Constructed from quality materials, these stunning freestanding bathroom vanities are both beautiful and durable. This unit features a Beech timber frame with a lacquer finish. Its aesthetic appeal makes it a great buy.

bathroom vanities

Image Source: Lifestyle Ceramics South Africa Website.

Bosa 112 Vanity

A highlight of the Bosa 112 is its soft-close Cherry timber drawers. It has a solid Beech timber frame and its durability is improved by a lacquer finish. The feet are also adjustable. This freestanding vanity is designed to enhance the contemporary style of your bathroom.

bathroom vanity

Image Source: Lifestyle Ceramics South Africa Website.

Ready to give your bathroom a much deserved makeover with these great bathroom design ideas? Get started today by finding great deals on bathroom cabinets for sale on Junk Mail! Already complete your project? Sell your extra supplies and bathroom furniture pieces by placing your free ad on Junk Mail!

Bathroom cabinets and vanities for a functional space
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Bathroom cabinets and vanities for a functional space
Buying stunning bathroom cabinets and investing in some unique pieces of furniture are a great way to give your bathroom a fresh new look.
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