The Best Road Tripping Cars for Sale

The-Best-Road-Tripping-Cars-for-SaleA road trip, perhaps one of the greatest holiday idea’s in the history of ever, and if you’re considering taking one, you’ll need an appropriate car, which is why I have compiled this brief list of the best Road Tripping Cars for Sale. It’s not a particularly effective list because, in all honesty, a road trip will be brilliant in pretty much anything that can hold some luggage and that won’t break down. That being said, if you are looking for something a little more precise, I have managed to source the cars that I think would be best suited to exploring in the age old fashion of the road trip. Which is to say, getting lost.

1. Vans

These make the appearance at the top of the list because they are, in my opinion, simply brilliant in every way. Vans like the age old South African favourite, the Kombi (or the Volksie Bus) has been traversing the dusty roads of Southern Africa for decades. It’s German, which means it won’t break easily, it’s spacious, which means you can fill it with people, luggage and still have enough room to accommodate a large family. It is, in every way, absolutely brilliant. Plus, the old hippy-mobiles of the 60’s are so incredibly good looking that everybody will wave at you as you drive by.

2. Convertibles

In this world, there are few things that can beat the feeling you get when you’re driving down a long, quiet and amazingly picturesque highway with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. There’s something undefinable about the entire experience, something that’s able to transport you back to the heady days of your youth, a time when nothing mattered, back to the days when life was fun and the world made sense. They might not offer you much in the way of storage space and some might not be able to offer much in the way of comfort, but it doesn’t matter. When you’re exploring, it’s best to have an uninterrupted view of the sky than it is to have enough legroom.

3. Station Wagons

The various station wagon’s, in this instance, refer to those of the larger variety. The ones favoured by mom’s to ferry their children to school and back. They are, for lack of a better word, massive. The ones that I think will work the best are the ones made by Volvo. They are big, comfortable, safe and they drive down the road on a soft little cushion of air being propelled by unicorn dreams. It’s like they were designed to go tramping around the world, especially considering you can fit a double mattress in the boot for when you need to spend the night sleeping on the side of the road in true road tripping style.

4. GT Cars

GT Cars, or Grand Tourers as they’re known, wrote the book on road tripping. These cars, as their name suggests, were designed to tour, grandly. Unfortunately, they are cars that fall under the category of ‘expensive’. They tend to be big Aston Martin’s, Jaguar’s and the oh-so-impressive Bentley Continental, and are for those that want to do things a little differently. But, if there was ever a car you wanted to spend a lot of time in, exploring exciting, albeit fancy, places, then they are definitely for you. They tend to be quite large, bigger than a normal sports car anyway, and will be able to waft you down the road at a million miles an hour in extreme comfort. Perfect for any road trip.

5. Big 4X4’s

In Africa especially, there are few cars that can beat the road tripping brilliance of a big 4X4. The cars in question being the Toyota Landcruiser, the Range Rover and others in their class. They offer you all the style of a GT car, the space of a Kombi or station wagon and can take you off-road to those very quiet, beautiful out-of-the-way places that road trippers dream about. Unfortunately, they also tend to be quite expensive, so if you do fancy a road trip in one, it’s best you plan accordingly.

Head Down That Open Road

So if you’re in the mood for the holiday to end all holidays and looking for a selection of cars for sale in Pretoria, the ones best suited to a road trip of simply epic proportions, have a look at Junk Mail. We have a wide range of the best cars for sale, ones that will turn a simple holiday into one of the best times of your life.

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