The Coffee and Chocolate Expo 2015 is coming to Jo’burg

If you are into coffee and chocolate, the Coffee and Chocolate Expo at Montecasino from 16 to 19 July is a definite must. Filled with decadent treats and the best coffee and baristas, you will leave looking for a coffee machine and chocolate fountain for sale.


If your only reason for wanting to buy tickets for the Coffee and Chocolate Expo 2015 might be the word ‘chocolate’, you would be totally justified. This year promises to be one of the most delicious events in Johannesburg and offers various activities, demos and more.

What to expect at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo

The 2015 expo offers chocolate lovers and coffee connoisseurs a whole range of deliciously fun theatres.

The Chef’s Theatre

This theatre is where you will find celebrity chefs in a cook off that will make your mouth water. Using only coffee and chocolate, chefs will show off their skills and prepare tantalising treats. The Chef’s Theatre is also where you can see demos of the newest technologies in moulding, baking and cooking with chocolates.


Coffee Theatre

One of the great attractions of the Coffee and Chocolate Expo is the Coffee Theatre. Learn all about the pouring, roasting and the origins of coffee in the Coffee Theatre. Join the skilful baristas and enjoy all things coffee – from pouring pure coffee beans to stunning aromas.


The Chocolate Workshop

If you are about all things chocolate, this workshop is a must-attend. Featuring top executive chefs, this workshop is about transforming your chocolate desires into a tasty reality. Feed your chocolate addiction and enjoy.


Pairing Workshop

No one ever said that you can only love one thing. If you also have a soft spot for wine, whiskey or brandy, you will be head-over-heels with this year’s Pairing Workshop at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo. Allowing you to sample a variety of mouth-melting chocolates, you can choose to pair each with a wine, whiskey or brandy.


Here you will learn more about what pairs the best with different kinds of chocolates, teaching you more about chocolate and making you the dinner party belle of the ball.

Cocoa Mokka Music Lounge

After a long day you can sit back and relax in the Cocoa Mokka Music Lounge – after all, you do spend the whole day learning and some relaxation time is required. Here you can enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee, some wine or even a Craft Chocolate Beer.


While sipping a decadent drink, you can enjoy stunning music. Featuring string quartets, brilliant indie bands, up and coming bands and, the main attraction, The Motherland.

The Motherland is made up of Sean (the singer and guitarist), Amber on lead guitar, Geraint on bass and Louis on drums. An Indie Folk band conceptualised in 2014, The Motherland is a passionate ensemble offering alluring vocals and delightful guitar riffs.

Barista Jam Competition

If you want to show off your barista talents, the Barista Jam Competition is for you. Geared towards the home barista and brought to you by The Coffee Mag, the Coffee Mag Home Barista Jam is one of the first of its kind, allowing Gautengers with big home barista dreams to prove themselves.

Entrants to this event at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo 2015 have the opportunity to use some of the coolest and newest home barista equipment and stand a chance to win awesome prizes, which includes R 10 000 in prize money.

The competition at this year’s Coffee and Chocolate Expo has two categories – a manual brewing round and an Espresso round. Each one of these rounds will allow three competitors thirty minutes on stage to prepare their beverage in accordance to the rules of each round.

Competitors in these events in Johannesburg can compete in just one or both categories. Entry fees are R 250 per category or R 400 for both categories. Note that these entry fees do include entry to the expo on all of the days. The Manual Brewing Round will take place on Saturday, the 18th of July, 2015, and the Espresso Round as well as the prize giving ceremonies will take place on Sunday, the 19th of July, 2015.


If you think you can handle the steam, you can enter the Barista Jam competition on The Coffee Mag’s website.

The Coffee and Chocolate Expo Ticket Info

If you are amped to go to this year’s Coffee and Chocolate Expo, ticket prices are R 100 per person and R 80 for Pensioners and Children. Kids under the age of 10 enter free.

The expo opens on Thursday at 16:30 and closes at 21:00. From Friday to Saturday the Coffee and Chocolate Expo 2015 will open at 09:30 and close at 21:00. On its last day, the expo will open at 09:30 and end the chocolaty festival at 18:00.


You can get your Coffee and Chocolate Expo 2015 tickets from iTickets.

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