Create a fun and relaxing space for your family with a Swimming Pool

Because of our warm temperatures, swimming pools have become quite popular – especially in this out of the ordinary hot November – and almost everyone would agree that there is no better or more fun way to cool off than taking a dip in the clear blue water of the pool. If you have space, you can build a swimming pool or find free standing swimming pools for sale. Portable swimming pools are a convenient option as they are fast and easy to install.


The benefits of swimming pools

Swimming pools are a great family activity and there are plenty of reasons for you to build or buy your own pool. Pools give you the opportunity to spend time with your children without leaving your home. You can help your children to learn a new skill by teaching them how to swim. Swimming is good exercise for children. Adults can enjoy a total body workout with low injury risks by swimming regularly. Hosting a pool party is another great idea for summer entertainment. Not only do pools have a practical function they can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Research the different swimming pool designs to find one that complements the style of your outdoor area. If you are planning a DIY swimming pool it is best to go for a simple but elegant design.


You can take a dip in your pool after work to relax and wind down after a busy day. Taking time to destress in your pool can help improve your sleep and general health. Adding a pool to your property can also increase the value of your home. Research shows that building a pool has a significantly positive effect on the amount that your property is worth. When summer is in full swing and temperatures are high, swimming is a fun way to stay cool. The close proximity of the pool to your house will give your children a space to play while you are still watching over their safety. Pools are a good investment and after the initial outlay they offer an affordable activity for families.


Tips on how to build a swimming pool

Once you have reviewed different types of swimming pools for sale you can start learning more about how to build a swimming pool. Building a natural swimming pool can help you to keep your project costs down. It is advisable to choose a simple design and a box shape is a good option. Extra features will increase the difficulty and expense of your project. A flat bottom pool is simpler to build and easier to clean. Keep fittings to a minimum as they make it more difficult to waterproof the pool and they can become costly. Think carefully about the depth of your pool. Walls that are deeper than 1.8 metres are more complicated to construct as they need additional reinforcement. Having a well thought out drainage plan is essential for the success of your pool.


Choosing portable swimming pools

An easier option is to find free standing swimming pools for sale. The benefit of these portable swimming pools is that you can pack them away during winter. They are also easier and less expensive to maintain. The smaller size of the pool results in reduced chemical and equipment usage to keep it clean. You can also find portable pools for sale with exciting features such as fountains or waterfalls. These pools are also faster and easier to install than building your own pool. Typically they can be set up in a day.


Safety tips in and around the pool

Safety is an important consideration if you add a swimming pool to your property. Make sure that you teach your children to ask for permission before they swim. They should always be under adult supervision when they are in the water. It is advisable to make sure that your children know how to swim and you should take them to lessons if necessary. Ensure that your pool is secured properly by child proof barriers. Don’t go into the sun at midday when it is hottest. Make sure that you wear sunscreen. It is also important to stay hydrated when you are spending time in the sun. Safety gear includes a first aid kit and life jackets. Other useful equipment for emergencies are reaching and throwing gear.


Once you have an overview of what is available, you can choose a pool that meets the requirements of your family. When considering swimming pool designs, you will need to take into account the size of your garden as well as how many people will be using the pool at the same time. Also take into consideration that larger pools cost more to maintain.


Buy accessories for your swimming pool

If you are already the proud owner of a clear blue pool, you already know that pool accessories are a must, whether it is for safety or luxury. Here are useful items that are currently listed on Junk Mail:

Swimming Pool Net

A swimming pool net is an important piece of safety equipment if you own a pool. A 8 x 5 metre net is available for sale. The net is in good condition and it is priced at R 850.


DIY Solar Pool Heating Panels

Solar pool heating panels allow you to enjoy your pool on cooler days without increasing your electricity bill. The number of panels that you need to purchase will depend on the size of your pool.


With so many different types of swimming pools for sale on Junk Mail, you are most definitely spoilt for choice this summer. From swimming pools to pool accessories, you are sure to find great bargains online! Selling your unwanted pool items? Place your FREE AD on

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