DIY Furniture Ideas: Dressing Tables to Brighten the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary and the way in which you decorate it can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. It is advisable to choose colours that make you feel relaxed and evoke a feeling of peacefulness. You will also need to choose the right bedroom furniture and find the perfect dressing table for sale to match. Classical furniture can be used to create an elegant style in your bedroom. Modern pieces can be used to give your sleeping area a contemporary ambiance. No matter what style you choose, a dressing table is a vital piece of furniture for any women. Dressing tables offer you your own area to take care of yourself.


Having all your beauty products and accessories in one area makes getting ready much easier. Whether you like to spend hours getting dressed or you take a few minutes to apply basic products, owning a dresser is important. You will need to choose a dressing table that complements the style of your room. Another consideration is the size of your room. If you have limited space you will need to buy small furniture pieces and use different strategies to maximise your storage area.


From glass jars to tea cups there are plenty of easy ways to create extra storage space. Using the wall space will also contribute to a compact and well-organized space for you to prepare for the day. You can find dressing tables for sale or place your free ad on Junk Mail.


DIY Bedroom Ideas

DIY furniture is a great way to save money and have fun at the same time. If you make your own furniture you can craft personalised pieces that meet your requirements. Having creative products to work on is fun. With plenty of DIY bedroom ideas to choose from it is easy to create a unique space that reflects your personal style. When you are making furniture you can start from scratch. This option requires more materials, tools and time. If you are looking for simpler projects you can up cycle used furniture. You may already own furniture that you can restore. Alternatively you can find second hand dressing tables for sale and enhance their appearance.


There are plenty of exciting DIY furniture ideas. You can make your own or spruce up an old table with everything from mirrors to paints. Here are some awesome ideas to get you started.


One great way to create a stunning dressing table is to enhance a plain wooden table with a silver leaf finish. This is a suitable option if you have a contemporary style in your bedroom. Firstly you will need to find a second hand dressing table for sale that is in good condition. Next cover the table with silver leaf. To complete this process successfully you will need to cover a section of the table with glue and wait till it dries. Once the glue is clear you can place the silver leaf on top of the glue and brush it with a paintbrush. If you want to reduce the amount of silver leaf that you use, you can spray paint the legs of the table. A glass top finishes off the modern effect while also protecting the table from damage. The finished product makes an eye-catching feature in your room.


Another option is to make your dresser from scratch. To make your own you will need wood, panel pins, wood glue, wood filler, acrylic sealer and sandpaper. You will also need tools such as a drill, sander and jigsaw. Once you have made the table you can use your creativity so that the table complements the style of the room. The table could be painted or distressed for a shabby chic look. If you decide to paint the desk you will need to apply a base coat and sand each layer of dry paint before applying the next coat. It is advisable to finish with a coat of acrylic sealer. The benefit of making your own is that you can customise it to meet your personal requirements and style.


A mirrored dressing table adds a sophisticated element to your room as well as creating a feeling of spaciousness. If you are looking for DIY furniture projects then building your own mirrored dresser is a great option. You will need to build the frame of the table and then add mirrors which have been cut to the right size. Using smaller mirror pieces to mosaic the outside of the table also has an elegant effect. The end product is a stylish table which offers the perfect platform to display your jewellery and keep your bedroom accessories close by. A simpler alternative is to find a used dressing table for sale and up cycle it using mirrors. This is an affordable option which requires less time than constructing furniture from scratch.


If you have a limited amount of space you can mount your own dressing table in an alcove. This is a beginner level bedroom furniture project which should be easy to complete in one day. Use a tape measure to calculate the distance between the two walls. Decide what height you need it to be. To determine the right height to use you will need to consider the height of your chair. You can use wall mounts and screws to mount the wood batten onto the wall. Next screw the table top onto the batten. If you plan to keep electrical appliances on top of the the dresser you can screw holes through it to allow the cords to pass through. This type of design is an innovative way to maximise your bedroom space.


A Dressing Table for the kids

A fun bedroom furniture idea is to make a pretend vanity for your children out of cardboard. This will make a great addition to your child’s play area. You will need to cut the front out of a cardboard box and use it as a base. You can use a piece of material to cover the front of the box. Then you will need to add a piece of thick cardboard as a top. You can use pink self-adhesive paper to cover the cardboard. Add some accessories to the table so that your child can have fun doing their own hair. Giving your child their own area to play while you are at your dresser getting ready can help give you more time to take care of yourself.

Awesome Organisation ideas for your Dressing Table

Once you have mastered our DIY bedroom ideas you can make the most of your space by organizing dressing tables properly. Here are some creative tips on how you can arrange your accessories and beauty products. No matter how small your space is there are techniques to fitting everything in. Not only are these convenient strategies to keep your living space neat, they also add style to your room.


Make-up is usually one of the main products that women store in their dressers. It is helpful to create a space where your make-up is well-organized and easy to access. One suggestion is to make a magnetic board by sticking magnetic strips inside a frame as well as behind each of your make-up items. Once you have mounted the frame next to your dresser you will have a convenient place to store your make-up. An attractive and unique way to organise your make-up and accessories is to use a cup and saucer. You can place make-up brushers in the cup and hang earrings off its edges. If you place the saucer underneath the cup it creates another storage area for bracelets and make-up. You can also use jars to organize your space. There are plenty of ways to up cycle jars using ribbons or decorative paper.


Getting ready is a lot easier if you keep your jewellery separated and untangled. A neat jewellery storage area where everything has its place also allows you to check that none of your jewellery is missing. There are plenty of ways to organize your jewellery. Drawer inserts have useful compartments so you can sort your jewellery by type.

You can also use cutlery holders or ice-cube trays to separate your accessories. You can create extra space by making a wall organizer and hanging it next to your dressing table. Find a cheap second hand shallow cabinet and use paint to create a stylish exterior. Next line the interior with velvet and add hooks to hang your jewellery on. You will need to insert dividers that create space for earrings.


Another idea is to fill a bottle with sand and hang bracelets on it. You could also use a paper towel holder. If each one of your necklaces has its own spot it prevents them from tangling. This strategy also makes it easy to see each piece of jewellery so that it is easy to select an item that best matches your outfit. You can place hooks on the wall above your table to create a space for showcasing your necklaces. You can use a paint pallet to create an interesting storage area. To maximise the space, add a small bowel and cup to the pallet.


A great tip is to place fabric over a cork bulletin board and to place mesh inside the frame. You can use pins to push necklaces into the board and hook earrings onto the mesh.

Find a Dressing Table for Sale on Junk Mail

If you are eager to get started on your project, take a look at the dressing tables for sale on Junk Mail. Buying second hand is a good way to save money. Make sure that you find furniture which is in good condition. If you plan to repaint the dressing table, you may find cheaper items that you can improve with some work.

Two Drawer Dressing Table

You can find this two drawer bedroom furniture piece on Junk Mail. This table comes with a mirror. The drawer offers plenty of space for the storage of beauty products. This item is for sale in Johannesburg and it is priced at R 2 550.


Bell Claw Dressing Table

If you are looking for a piece of bedroom furniture to add a classic style to your bedroom then the Bell Claw piece is a good option. It has drawers for storage space as well as a mirror. It is priced at R 2000.


Dressing Table Set

You can find this set for sale in Cape Town. It is priced at R 1 299 and comes with a six month warranty. The furniture piece has a modern design.


Now that you have some ideas to start with you can come up with your own DIY furniture projects. There is inspiration all around you, all you need to do is go out and look for it. You can even hold a DIY furniture day with your friends and work on your projects together. This is a fun activity to complete together and you can also swap ideas with each other. Creating a stunning bedroom doesn’t need to cost a fortune as there are plenty of affordable options if you get a little creative.


Looking for bedroom furniture to give your bedroom an awesome makeover? From finding supplies for your DIY bedroom ideas, to finding the perfect dressing table for sale, Junk Mail is the perfect place to browse and buy. Selling your dressing tables? Place your FREE AD on

DIY Furniture Ideas: Dressing Tables to Brighten the Bedroom
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DIY Furniture Ideas: Dressing Tables to Brighten the Bedroom
Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. You will also need to choose the right bedroom furniture and find the perfect dressing table for sale to match.
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