DIY Home Décor: Easy projects for your home

If you are on the lookout for fabulous home decor ideas, we have just the collection for you. These DIY home décor projects are fun, creative and easy to make.


Creatively Fun Lighting

We all love fairy lights and, with this idea, you can transform a bare room into something spectacular.

You will need: A room divider, dry branches, fairy lights and an adhesive.

How to do it: First, you will need to remove the panels of the room divider. Once this is done, take your branches and fill the spaces. You can add as many branches as you like – this depends on your personal taste.

Fairy-lights Curly-dry-branches

Fix the branches to the divider using a strong adhesive and, once the branches are fixed securely in place, start wrapping your lights around them. Plug your lights in and, there you go, a fairy-like forest in your home.

Fairy-lights-decoration DIY-home-decor-ideas

Frame your keys

Add a bit of sophisticated fun to your key holder by giving it an upgrade with this DIY home décor idea.


You will need: An old photo frame, some screw hooks, a drill and paint (if you would like to change the colour of your photo frame).

How to do it: After giving your photo frame a new colour, take your drill and drill the appropriate size holes into the inside top of your photo frame. Remember to make these holes slightly smaller than your screw hooks – this will allow for a tighter fit.

Turn in your screw hooks, mount your photo frame on the wall and voila – fabulous home decor ideas that will breathe new life into any room.


A hanging terrarium

When it comes to DIY home décor, adding plants is always a great idea. Terrariums, something that used to be commonplace in Victorian homes, are again gaining popularity and it is easy to see why.


You will need: A glass container (a globe works beautifully, but so do mason jars), your base materials (which will include gravel, moss and pebbles), rope or string, and plants. Note that certain plants grow beautifully in terrariums, so do your research and ask questions at your local nursery.

Plants-for-a-terrarium DIY-home-decor-hanging-terrarium

How to do it: Use your base materials to cover the bottom of your glass globe. Start with the gravel and pebbles, followed by your moss. Once this is done and you are happy with your arrangement, plant your selected plants.

Attach your string to the glass container and hang it from just about anywhere – from your kitchen window or even on your patio. If you opted to use a mason jar or something similar, you can place it in windowsills, on coffee tables, or even next to your bed on the side tables.

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