Entertain Your Friends with a Spit braai

Looking for an easy way to host a party? A Spit Braai is perfect for preparing meals for large groups of people. If you enjoy entertaining, a spit braai is a great investment. During South Africa’s beautiful summer months you can entertain your guests outdoors by having a spit braai. There are plenty of useful accessories for sale including braai stands.


A spit braai involves cooking a large section of meat on a bar which is attached to a rotary system. When the meat is rotated the heat is evenly distributed. You can prepare a variety of popular meat dishes with this method of cooking. Spit Braais are suitable for cooking whole lamb or chickens. You can also roast pork or deboned lamb on a spit braai. Useful accessories include a flat grill which is suitable for cooking chops and wors. A rotary basket is useful when preparing a large number of whole chickens for larger parties. If you buy a bar braai griddle, you can increase your braai’s capabilities and prepare pies or cakes.

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to cook for guests, you can find spit braais for sale on Junk Mail. There is a range of previously owned equipment for sale at affordable prices.


Spit Braais for sale on Junk Mail :

This awesome mini spit braai can prepare meat for two to ten people. This cooking equipment can accommodate a maximum of 7 kgs of meat which is well suited to entertaining a group of close friends. The drip tray is convenient for roasting vegetables.


You can find a spit braai, which is in excellent condition, on Junk Mail. The braai comes with a stand, motor and two burners.


Find a heavy duty gas spit braai for sale online. The large spit braai is big enough to cook an ox.


A stainless steel seven burner gas braai is for sale. The braai has a heat sensor as well as a spit for cooking chickens and roasts.


Impress your friends and family by roasting meat to perfection on a spit braai. With a variety of cooking equipment for sale, you are sure to find a braai that meets your requirements.

Looking for an affordable spit braai or braai stands? Visit www.JunkMail.co.za for great deals.


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