Farms in demand: Investors flocking to South Africa

South Africa boasts breath taking scenery and a wide range of wildlife. The climate and quality of soil make agriculture profitable and it is not surprising that local as well as international investors are looking for farms for sale in our spectacular country. Wines farms near Cape Town offer a peaceful location to relax and take in the beautiful landscape. As the amount of tourists flocking to South Africa increases, game farms are in demand.


Farming in South Africa:

Each location in South Africa is suitable for different types of farming depending on the climate, vegetation and soil type of the area. The rolling farmlands of KwaZulu Natal are ideal for agriculture as the region has an adequate supply of water. The Midlands, which is situated between Pietermaritzburg and the Drakensberg, has a high concentration of farms due to the good quality of crops that are produced in this region.


Game farms for sale in South Africa boast a wide range of wildlife such as lions, elephants and giraffes. These majestic animals attract international tourists who visit the country in the hope of spotting the big five. Game farms can be found in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, the Eastern Cape and the Kalahari. This industry includes ecotourism, hunting and venison sales.


Field Crops and Horticulture Farms are profitable as grain is one of the leading industries in South Africa. Crops include maize, wheat, sugarcane and sunflowers. Maize is one of the main sources of carbohydrates in the country and the surplus is sold on the international market. The best locations for farms which produce maize, are the North West Province, KwaZulu Natal Midlands and the Mpumalanga Highveld. Sugar farms are another popular choice as South Africa is one of the top sugar producers in the world. These farms are situated in the Eastern Cape, Midlands and Mpumalanga.


Fruit farms are located in the Western Cape and this produce counts for a significant per cent of the country’s income from agricultural exports. Crops include avocados, bananas, granadillas and pecan nuts. Livestock farming is a viable enterprise in South Africa and farmers choose to keep cows, sheep and goats. Goat meat is sought after in rural areas and these animals are profitable to keep.


Where to browse farms for sale in South Africa?

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