Finding Property to Rent as a Retiree

Property-to-rent-in-DurbanThere are those, that when looking for property to rent, believe a flat or complex to be purely a young man’s game. This is such a sad state of affairs because living in a flat is perhaps one of the greatest things in the world. If you have a few doubts I hope to change that, if you have a few misconceptions, I hope to alter your perception and if you are looking for a new place to live, I hope to provide some helpful advice.

Living the ‘Flat Life’

There are many bright and wonderful things about living in a flat, especially if you have reached that age when you longer need a big house to accommodate your children and their 20 billion friends because they’ve flown the coop and now have their own houses to destroy. For you then, this is a time to slow it down a little, you’ve made them, you’ve raised them and now, it’s time to take a few decades off and relax. Having a big house, it won’t be impossible to do this, but it will be harder than if you have a much smaller flat. Allow me to explain.

Bigger houses usually come with big gardens and often a pool and such, both the house, the garden and the pool will require regular maintenance and cleaning. If it’s just the two of you, with no little chiddlies to help you mow lawns and scoop the leaves out the pool, it can become quite tiresome. Whereas, if you had a little flat to live in, somewhere quiet, comfortable and completely void of a garden and pool, you could spend all that spare time doing more interesting things like reading books, going for walks and enjoying the finer things in life. If you do enjoy a spot of gardening, you could probably find a ground floor flat which will offer more than enough room to grow herbs and plant vegetables.

Living in a flat also allows you to live the “lock-up-and-go” lifestyle. This means, should you want to make the occasional, or regular, trip to the beach, the mountain, the dam or the bush, you won’t have to worry about finding someone responsible (kids not included) to look after you house. All you have to do is pack up, lock up and then make a run for the border and a few days spent sunning yourself on the beach whilst sipping a medley of fruity cocktails. Nothing could be simpler or more enjoyable, which is why flats are brilliant and if you have worked hard your whole life, you deserve to be able to worry about nothing more taxing than which bed and breakfast to stay in or which sunny destination to visit next.

It’s Worth Considering

If you have reached that age, the one where you would like to relax a little, I firmly believe that a big house is more hassle than its worth. A smaller place is a lot more manageable, easier to clean and look after. It won’t hold you back in any way and if it’s in a block of flats or a security complex, will be a lot safer as well. So if I’ve piqued your interest and you’re thinking about where to find property to rent in Cape Town, have a look at the places found on Junk Mail. Our Property to Rent section can offer up a variety of different places to rent.

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