From the Finish Line of the Crater Cruise

This past weekend, cyclists from all over Africa put on their helmets; jumped onto their bikes and took part in the 2011 Crater Cruise challenge. The Crater Cruise is a unique event that inspires sport enthusiasts to test their minds and bodies on the various gauntlets.

The various races take place on the Vredefort Dome Heritage Site where a meteorite struck the earth about 2 023 000 years ago. Cyclists dare to test themselves on different levels, be it to challenge their durability or be a part of the ultimate race against the clock, these riders all share in this experience of a lifetime.  Despite the heat of the contest, the Crater Cruise is one of the most serene and beautiful sports tracks to ride.

The Junk Mail cycling team waved their flags high by steering the course and contributing to some very  fast times. We took some time to ask Junk Mail’s CEO, Gerald Coniel and Junk Mail’s Managing Director, Felix Erken, what they thought of this year’s ride-off?

Gerald the CEO of Junk Mail Publishing has done the Crater Cruise 3 times and he had this to say,

“The race seems to get easier with age. The Crater Cruise is a fast paced race where you need to keep on pushing yourself and ensure that you maintain a constant speed to complete the challenging corrugated course. “It is a race that anyone can do. Fitness dependent, I would suggest newbies start with the 28km race.” “What I most enjoy about the Crater Cruise is that it is a family friendly race with many activities for the spectators to partake in too!” “Junk Mail has been sponsoring this event from its inception and it was nice to see all the Junk Mail shirts riding past me, it spurred me on to the finish!”

Junk Mail prides itself in being a part of this cycling challenge and provides each rider with an exclusive supplement that is styled like the original Junk Mail print edition. All the Classifieds ads that appear in this special Crater Cruise edition of the Junk Mail are tailored to cycling.

Felix Erken the Managing Director of the Junk Mail Publishing Group has completed this gruelling race 5 times.  This year he managed to get his best time with minimal training. Felix had this to say about the race,

This year’s race was a brilliant team building exercise for Junk Mail with many managers and some of the Sales Force taking part. As a sponsor of the event it made me very proud to see the Junk Mail’s name at every turn.” “It is definitely a race all professional and entry level riders should try as the scenery and spirit is incredible, the whole of Parys comes alive to make sure you make it to the end!”

We certainly commend our fellow Junk Mail colleagues in taking part in this great feat. The race sounds like an adventure with many interesting facets that makes the experience a holistic mix of fun, self-discipline and intrigue.

If you would like to sign-up for next year’s crater cruise we suggest you check out the official crater cruise website for updates

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