Get awesome deals on Patio Furniture in time for summer

Summer is just around the corner and it is finally that time of the year to find awesome patio furniture for sale and pimp up your old stoep!

If you are looking for beautiful patio furniture South Africa is not in short supply. Because of our warm weather and braai nature, our outdoor furniture options are huge. Today, we take a look at some of the more popular designs, styles and accessories available!


Wicker Patio Furniture

If you are looking for a beautifully natural look, finding wicker patio furniture is a great idea. These outdoor furniture pieces are not only beautiful but also light in weight. Because these pieces can feature a classic or modern design style, you are sure to find a design that best suits your style and taste.

Wicker pieces are not only light in weight, but also durable. Usually made using rattan, wicker furniture can also be made using reed, resin wicker or bamboo. Do note that wicker furniture with a more durable frame (like an aluminium frame) can last longer. Also ensure that your wicker pieces have a waterproof coating as rain and sun can damage the surfaces.


Terrace Leisure manufactures various pieces of outdoor patio furniture, each set stunningly designed and beautifully thought out.

The Sydney 4 Piece Wicker Corner Set makes a gorgeous addition to any patio. With a shipping weight of 98 kilograms, this corner unit includes two sofa sections. Grey in colour, this set features slightly arched lines, rounded corners, wooden legs and is available for just under R20 000 from Makro.


Also take a look at the Rattan Dining Table Set from BLK Cherry. With long, smooth lines, this set includes eight brown rattan chairs and a beautifully crafted table finished off with a glass top. Available from R 9 995.00, this set is a great addition to your patio if you love entertaining guests outside.

Synthetic Wicker

When it comes to patio furniture another great option is to go for synthetic wicker pieces. Beautifully made and very durable, you can find synthetic patio furniture for sale at a number of retailers. Opting for the synthetic wicker patio furniture also widens your options.

If you are looking for something modern and sophisticated, this Atlantis 4 Piece Wicker Set is ideal. Advertised for only R 3 495, this set includes two single chairs, a double chair, a coffee table with a tempered glass top, and cushions for all the chairs.


With a two year warranty, the Boma Round Brown and Grey patio set includes three curved benches, a coffee table with a clear glass top and two side tables (also with clear glass tops). Waterproof and UV resistant, this patio furniture is advertised for R17 999.00 on Junk Mail and is great for outside gatherings.


Wooden Patio Furniture

If you are looking for something with a little more weight behind it, why not opt for wooden patio furniture instead. With a number of stunning options when it comes to patio furniture South Africa boasts some of the most exquisitely designed pieces.


If you are looking for a more simplistic outdoor furniture, the All Seasons Single Seater piece from Fechters is perfect. Crafted from Eucalyptus hardwood, this chair features solid brass components and is available from as little as R 3 200.00.


Fechters also manufactures a stunning 6 Seater All Season Bench Set for your patio. Made of Eucalyptus, this outdoor patio furniture set is not only durable, but weather resistant as well, making it perfect for outdoor use. With a price tag of R 10 850.00, this patio set is ideal if you want to create a simplistic and relaxed environment.

Give your patio a rustic farmhouse look with this Patio and Table Combo for sale on Junk Mail. With a price tag of R 3 990, this patio furniture for sale includes a table (measuring 1 440 millimetres in length and 980 millimetres in width) and four short benches. Fun and sassy, this set can seat six people and is sure to bring a touch of rustic style to your stoep.


If you are more into the antique look, you will love these wooden patio furniture pieces for sale. Featuring a table (measuring 1 500 millimetres in length and 1 000 millimetres in width) and two matching benches, these patio furniture pieces boast long lines and a beautiful antique-looking finish.


Interested in something where you and the girls can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee? Then the Solid Wood Patio Set is for you. Beautifully varnished and simplistic in design, this sophisticated outdoor furniture set is made of solid wood and has been reupholstered and varnished to bring out the wood’s natural beauty.


Accessories for your outdoor patio furniture

Now that you have the patio furniture down, it is time to finish off the look with stunning accessories for your patio.

If you have wooden patio furniture, why not complete the look by finding a wooden umbrella. With a number of options to choose from – from a rectangular umbrella to a round umbrella – you are sure to find a beautiful patio companion.


Patio Warehouse offers a number of different umbrella designs that will match your outdoor patio furniture, like the 3 Meter Round Tilt Wooden Umbrella that is made of 190 gram Olefin fabric and is available in three different colours (dark grey, beige and taupe).

Another fabulous option is the Cantilever Umbrella for sale on Junk Mail. With a price tag of R 6 000, this umbrella rotates 360 degrees, has a weather cover and a marble base.


If you are looking for accessories to compliment your synthetic wicker patio furniture, why not opt for this aluminium Coolaroo Round Umbrella from Makro? With a price tag of R 1 799, this umbrella is available in Natural and Montecito, and have a span of three meters.

Available on Junk Mail for R 1 600.00, this Caribbean Shade Patio Umbrella stands two meters high and has a span of three meters by three meters. With a wooden structure and a mint condition canvas top, this umbrella will add a touch of cool shade to your patio.


Add a splash of colour with these all-weather Cruuz Giant Bean Bags starting from R 1 800.00. Available from On the Patio, these bean bags are waterproof and UV resistant – perfect for hot summer days outside and in the pool. Locally hand sewn, these giant pillows of comfort are available in light grey, charcoal and off white.


Now that you see all there is to offer for summer, why not find your patio furniture for sale on Junk Mail? From wooden to wicker patio furniture, Junk Mail has both used and brand-spanking-new patio furniture and accessories to choose from.

Selling your outdoor furniture? Place your free ad on Junk Mail today!

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