Why you should get a Wendy House for your kids

Children are such pure joy, and nothing makes them happier than a nice cosy spot they can call their own. Remember the days when you were a child and wanted to play ‘house’ with your friends, but had to endure scolding from your parents because you messed up the sitting room? Now, with Wendy houses, your children can have their own area to play in, without having to worry about making a mess in the house.


What are Wendy houses?



A Wendy House is a play house for kids, however; it can also be a gateway home. It is a small place, a cottage or a garden house.

You can buy a Wendy houses starting at R2000 for play houses all the way to R22 000 for cottages or cabins. This will depend on your choice of size and the space you have available for it.

You can find these affordable Wendy Houses in Gauteng or you can get them installed in your yard for the same prices depending on size and length of course.


What if you want your Wendy House built to your specifications?

Some people like building something that will be a symbol of their family or something that will match their desires and wants. That is a good thing.

There are many available websites, such as The Wendy House Options, who are Wendy House experts and are committed to building their clients playhouses, tool sheds, Wendy Houses etc. according to their needs. However, they are only available to make deliveries in the Johannesburg area.


Nevertheless, if you are a resident of other cities or provinces, you can visit classified websites that will provide you with information on where to find a seller of Wendy houses.

Why are they called Wendy Houses?



The name Wendy Houses comes from the famous Peter Pan story. Where Wendy, Peter Pan and The Lost Boys lived in their own house, without parents and they took care of themselves.
However, the Wendy House also goes by other names, such as club house, a cabin as mentioned above, or a playhouse. They come in different sizes and lengths and can be painted in whatever colour you choose.

Are you looking for Wendy Houses for sale? Visit the Junk Mail website for information on Wendy houses and Wendy House prices.

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