Has someone stolen one of your treasures?

Let’s face it folks, South Africa has its fair share of crime. Many of you reading this post have had something precious stolen from you and you would do practically anything to get this item back that you’ve lost, because life just isn’t the same without it.

Well, don’t lose hope or despair, Junk Mail has a section that caters for fans that have lost items and are attempting to find them. The Lost, Found and Stolen category was created by the Junk Mail team so that you have a platform to tell the community what you have lost so that they can help you find this sentimental item.

We also encourage our fans to place a free advert when they find an item that they know someone may have lost. This Found advert will appear in the Household section of the Lost, Found and Stolen category on the Junk Mail website.

Junk Mail recently announced that we have more than 1 million unique visitors every month on the site. This means if you have lost something there is a huge Junk Mail community waiting in the wings to help you. You can also share your Lost, Found or Stolen advert on one of our Junk Mail Facebook pages to get our fans to help you find your lost pet or stolen car.

So, if you have lost an item that you desperately want to get back or if you’ve found an item that you think someone is looking for place a free advert today in the Lost, Found and Stolen category. Maybe one of the people you connect with can help you to find the item that you’ve lost. If you need assistance with placing your Free Advert in this category, contact our Customer Care department via e-mail at ccc@junkmail.co.za or telephonically on 012 3423840 x2295 (during office hours).

If you would like the Junk Mail social team to share your Lost, Found or Stolen advert on one of our Facebook pages then please feel free to email social (AT) junkmail.co.za with the following:

  • Photo of the item you are looking for
  • Description of the item (include unique features)
  • The area (suburb / city / town) where the item was lost
  • Whether you are offering a reward or not
  • Your contact details (E-mail address / phone number where you can be reached)
  • The link to your advert on Junk Mail (after you have placed an advert in our Lost, Found and Stolen category)

Loosing something is unpleasant but it is reassuring knowing that Junk Mail is always here to help.  Use www.junkmail.co.za today and spread the word about your lost or stolen goods in seconds online.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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