How to make your ads on Junk Mail reach more people

ReachMoney can be made from selling your unwanted belongings on Junk Mail. This is not a secret, just ask any of the thousands of people who use Junk Mail to sell goods every month. But for you to sell your goods on Junk Mail you need as many people as possible to see your ad.

Placing your ad on Junk Mail via the Free Ad Form is a great start. Just by having your ad on Junk Mail you are already reaching a huge audience. But how can you get more people to view your ad and find a potential buyer? There are a few simple things that everyone can do to help their ad get seen by more people. Here are a few things to broaden your ads audience.

A picture says a thousand words

You can describe the item that you are selling as good as the best salesman or wordsmith in the world but it will never be as good as a good quality photo of the item you are selling. People like seeing what they might be buying. That is why you should put a picture of the item you are selling in your ad on Junk Mail.

Make sure it is a good quality picture. You don’t have to be a professional photographer with the most expensive camera money can buy to take a good quality picture. Make sure the photo is not blurred or pixelated. Make sure you take the picture during the daytime in good natural light. More than one picture might not be a bad idea.

If you are on Social networks, use it

These days it is safe to assume that you and most of your friends are on either Facebook or Twitter. Or you might be a huge fan of Instagram or Pinterest. The fact that you already have fans or followers on these different platforms already puts you a step ahead of the crowd. So why not use it?

Take the link to your advert and put it in your Facebook status. You will be surprised at how many times something you want to sell is something a friend is looking to buy. Do the same on your Twitter profile, tweet that ad.

“Hey guys, I’m selling a box ottoman. If you are interested please let me know or have a look at my ad

That is a simple example of how to advertise your product through a Facebook status update or a tweet on Twitter.

For those who use Instagram you might just take a picture of whatever it is that you want to sell and then say something similar to your tweet or status update in a comment for the picture you posted on Instagram of the thing you are selling.

Or you could just take a normal picture of the item you are selling and if you use Pintrest you can pin that picture to Pintrest and place the link to your ad on Junk Mail in the comment section under your pin.

Make sure your ad heading gives all the info it needs to

Keep it short, but make sure that the title or heading of your ad tells buyers exactly what they will see when they view your ad. There is nothing that makes someone leave your ad faster than a misleading heading.

Also most buyers will be scanning ad titles or headings and then click on the ones that looks like the item they are looking for. If your ad title doesn’t tell buyers what they will be looking at on your ad they might just skip right over your ad.

Things to check for

  • Your price has to be believable. There are loads of scammers out there and if the price is too high or low no one is even going to look at your ad.
  • Check your spelling
  • Double check your contact details. You want buyers to be able to get hold of you with the way they feel comfortable, whether it be e-mail or phone.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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