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Jerseys 4 JoziLast week the Jerseys 4 Jozi was launched at the Clay Oven in Lonehill. The Clay Oven is an informal settlement in the North of Johannesburg. Many residents are unemployed and have to resort to begging on the streets or doing piece-jobs in surrounding suburbs to survive.

Jerseys 4 Jozi is a registered non-profit organisation. Their aim is to spread warmth to the homeless citizens of Johannesburg. The temperatures can reach as low as -8.2 degrees Celcius in the City of Gold during the winter months and there are many cold homeless people out there who need their help.

Dave Benjamin is founder and CEO of the Jerseys 4 Jozi initiative and is very passionate about restoring the dignity and igniting the pride of the underprivileged. His goal is to distribute 20,000 hooded sweaters and add warmth in the form of food, donations and other essentials throughout the city of Johannesburg.

Jerseys 4 Jozi is a chance for companies and everyday citizens to get involved and translate their love for Johannesburg into real warmth for its  people. It’s as simple as giving a jersey to someone who really needs it.

So are you living in Johannesburg? You can help those in need simply by purchasing a hoodie for yourself. For every hoodie you purchase (for R300) Jerseys 4 Jozi will donate one on your behalf. It’s that easy – you get a stylish hoodie and you help someone in need. You can also get involved by making a donation to Jerseys 4 Jozi. Donations go toward producing more jerseys to be handed out during the winter season. They will appreciate any donation amount  and your support will make a difference to the lives of the underprivileged.

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Jerseys 4 Jozi also welcome corporate support for the initiative. Businesses are encouraged to make bulk orders for their employees. They’ll deliver the jerseys to their offices in order to allow employees from their organizations to pass them on to people in need. Branding and PR options are available for businesses.

Feel like making a difference? Follow @jerseys4jozi on Twitter, check out the Jerseys 4 Jozi Facebook page or visit the Jerseys 4 Jozi website for more information.

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