It’s Mother’s Day This Sunday!

Mother's DayMother’s Day is the coming Sunday (the 13th of May 2012), and we can’t wait to celebrate our moms for all the amazing things that they do. It is the one day out of the year when children, young and old, try to show in a tangible way how much they appreciate their mothers.

A mother’s love is one of the most powerful forces in this world it’s a celebration honoring mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds. They are the most influential person in your life, whether you’d like to admit it or not.

Celebrate your mother this Mother’s Day and say thank you, without her you would not even be here!

If you have been preoccupied with work, school or studies and mother’s day has slipped your mind here’s a few easy and fast ways to make a special day count!

  1. Create a Memory Jar. Fill a jar with slips of paper, each detailing a special memory you and your mother have shared. The more specific the memories, the better. Present her with the jar, and sit beside her as she reads each memory.
  2. Get together with your family and friends and create handmade cards for your mom- its always a winner as you made it yourself
  3. Write her a letter  and treat her to lunch
  4. Breakfast in bed. If your cooking skills are limited, make it special with something you know she likes and a fresh plucked flower from the neighbour’s yard.
  5. If you’re the man of the house and don’t have that elaborate gift (yet) take her  for a picnic at her favorite spot

Just a few ideas, but the fact remains whether it’s big or small, planned or something just through together, just tell her you love and appreciate her for everything. You can check out the Junk Mail website for some Mother’s Day bargains as well.

If you have any gifts for sale that would be ideal for Mother’s Day you are also more than welcome to place a free advert on the Junk Mail website for them.

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