Klerksdorp Vehicle Scam Warning

Some of our users have come across a scam which seems to be originating in the city of Klerksdorp in the North West Province.

How the scam works: A scammer claiming to be from Namibia / Botswana will contact a person selling his / her vehicle. The scammer will normally respond to the advert in well spoken Afrikaans. They’ll allege that they are working as a driver / in another position for a diamond mine in Botswana / Namibia.

In some cases they will ask for airtime so they can make long distance calls to Namibia / Botswana. They’ll seem very eager to purchase the seller’s vehicle. The scammer will request that the person drive to Klerksdorp in the North West province so that the sales deal can be done for the vehicle. In some cases the seller will be requested to drive to Klerksdorp with a different vehicle.

Once the seller arrives in Klerksdorp the scammer will claim that he needs to complete a diamond deal with a diamond buyer in order to complete the sales deal of the vehicle. The scammers will either conjure the seller to pay an amount to complete the diamond deal, attempt to hijack the seller if he / she arrives in Klerksdorp or engage in other suspicious activities. Various versions of this scam exist.

How to avoid this scam: Don’t buy airtime for any potential buyer. Don’t arrange to pay money into their account for petrol money to drive to your chosen meeting point. The more complicated the story told by the potential buyer the more likely its a scam. Don’t fall for this scam. Sell your item on your terms, not on a potential buyer’s terms.

If you have been a victim of this: Report this matter to the SAPS and please provide us with a full account of what happened. Please include the phone numbers involved in the scam. Contact our Customer Care department on 012-3423840 x2295 / via e-mail at ccc@junkmail.co.za

Please note: This scam is highly adaptable and scamsters are able to do this from any location. There have been recent developments that indicate that this type of scam has also been found in Vereeniging.

Remember! If something sounds to good to be true it usually is not true. Be Smart! Be Savvy! Be Safe

Also check out the Safety & Security page on the Junk Mail Help Site. Feel free to share this information with your friends to increase awareness for scams.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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184 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Same guys trying this sunt with me called asked to send airtime so he could speak to his wife in Namibia about to transfer the money to me. Sounds like bull to me a guy wants to pay you 50 000 for a vechile but can’t even get his own airtime? Do these people think we are stupid or something.. One called named Simon phoned from a private number other called Daniel 078 547 0808. Very well spoken in afrikaans. Simon asked me to drive to vereeniging told him it sounds like a set up for a high jacking and to F-OFF. Then yesterday Daniel not related to Simon apperently in Witbank at the moment asked me to drive to Witbank told him he can go fly a kite as well. After reading the rest of the comments here I dont want to hear from these guys again.Riaan sorry to hear about your experience these idiots should be behind bars already why are the SAPS so up to crap I phoned Rosebank station this morning to report it they told me I dont need to phone them I must go to another police station??? So much for fighting crime??

    • R says:

      Dave, I agree with you. These guys should be behind bars without a doubt. Working with people now who are comitted in assisting me with regards to what happened, as the SAPS has been pathetic thus far. But unfortunately no luck as yet. Are you from Rosebank Dave? And did Simon want you to drive from Rosebank to Vereeniging? Thanks.

    • Belle says:

      Jip, this happened to us yesterday!

      Can’t believe this has been going on so long and no one has done anything. It sad how pathetic our police are these days!

    • NATALIE says:

      a guy paulus keeps ringing me laughing when I tell him he is a criminal very scary. He tried to get me to go to Rustenburg then said no thanks, So then I heard that my brother was on his way to Rustenburg where this guy wanted to buy his car from my brother. My brother almost met with this guy. then his wife told him it was a scam and that he would have been high jacked! Why dont we all get together and kick this guys ass if the police dont want to get involved? All we need is an appointment with him and we all turn up! Lets get him off the streets of our
      Beautiful country.

  2. Dave says:

    I live in Pretoria the guys have phoned non stop trying this stunt using all sort of names and stories asking for airtime. I reported it Rosebank after reading your articale thinking that there might be someone there that would actaully help or might be busy with the case. I kept all the numbers and sent it to the police. Simon wanted me to drive to Vereeniging and Elvis wanted me to drive to Witbank. Then Daniel then John so many names I cant recall anymore one guy wanted me to drive to Klerksdorp. The SAPS are useless in this regard even reported it to Crimeline to tell them what these okes are planning and no luck there either and even gave them a written out plan on how they could corner these okes. The important thing to rember when your selling something is to do it your way. Its yours you paid for it if you want to sell it do it on your terms. Dont fall for people stupid things and plans I have never met an oke that will pay R50000 for a bike but does not have airtime to phone you.I am not buying airtime and the one guy stripped his moer when I told him that if he cant afford to buy his own airtime he should not waste my time. What we need to do to stop this is some policeman that actaully do their bloody jobs and not tell you to F off to the next station cause its not in their area. I bet you that can phone the SAPS tell them your going to rob a house bank or nick a car tell them when and where and they still wont catch you. Here you have a situtation where they can catch the bastards on the spot. Or they can trace the numbers back to who owns them cause they are probably stolen as well and what the hell happend to RICA we all needed to get our phones RICA´D for what so they can find me if I dont pay a speed fine but they cant catch these idiots amazing how we have all the technology in the world at our doorstep but the police not using it they can track these guys using thier phone numbers to the exact street I know cause my brother works for a company that makes tracking units for cars It uses a sim card to pin point a stolen cars location. But oh no wait its too much work. Why the hell do we pay tax then to pay their salaries would for doing what driving around sceeming with their tjommies on how corrupt they can be but hey we had Selebi setting the example….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Same happened to us. Guys name was Tamatie @ 071 052 5348. Where is the RICA act?????????

    • Junk Mail Admin says:

      Hi Anonymous: Thanks for your comment. You will have to check with the mobile service provider. If you report the number to them they might be able to deny service.

  4. Payback says:

    I was also almost Scammed.
    I was suppose to meet today and cell my car to them.
    Below is a list of Names and Numbers they go by.
    I cannot believe that these Thieves cannot be stopped.

    David Kongo

    083 329 7784
    073 789 9996
    073 589 2264
    078 589 7551
    071 052 5348
    078 009 2396
    072 986 6522
    078 547 0808
    078 787 4055
    071 519 2305
    078 793 2001
    071 422 4816
    078 870 1700

    • Junk Mail Admin says:

      Hi Payback, thanks for your feedback and making us aware of this, please forward us all these details to ccc@junkmail.co.za (our Customer Care consultant). You can also contact Hannetjie directly on 012-3423840 x2295.

    • Paul says:

      Thank you for the warning!! The guy from 078 870 1700 just called me with his Namibia story.

    • Jakes says:

      Same thing. His name is Johannes this time. I also spoke to his brother Thomas in Namibia on number 00264813624944 and his cell 076 3777780. Wanted his brother to meet me at Cape Town airport. Wanted an affidavit. Wanted to pay more money into my account so I have to give to his brother to import the car into Nam. First post above was 2011, this is now mid 2014

      • Anthony Hawley says:

        Same thing , the guys name is Victor from Namibia , I Meet him in Rustenburg near the Bafokeng stadium , he took me to a house where he is selling diamonds to , they showed me the money in cash ,then they were short of R 100 000.00 and said I must wait for the rest , I refused and left him with the banking details of the Finance Company .
        Till to dated nothings been paid in , he called me again and when I mentioned to him I think its a scam he put the phone down.
        Heres the Tel no he called from/078 8644787,071 0534903
        072 9306992
        0264 813624944

        • Hi Anthony

          Thanks for sharing. We will forward these telephone numbers to the police because they are busy investigating this matter.

          • Francois says:

            Hi Saskia
            I am sorry to say, but the Police are not able to stop these scam artists, as apparently the courts are throwing out these cases again and again. The result is that the fraudsters aren’t prosecuted and will simply do it again. This I know, as I have just moments ago gotten off the phone with a certain lieutenant from Bishop Lavis police dept in Cape Town. Die polisie se hand is afgekap…en hierdie skelms weet dit.

          • Let’s keep on fighting the good fight for in case the tables are turned in the near future!

        • K1 says:

          This Scam advertising on many websites, with many names.
          ex. India Mart, Hello Companies, Linked In, Alibaba, and so on…
          They( Clime group ) are using many names, adresses, phone numbers, E-mails.
          That it has become clear so far, is as follows.

          * The real name of one person is… : Tukondjeni Iita ( Namibia or Angola, South Africa )

          * Alibaba & other web sites
          gem diamonds / diamond works cc / sanchez diamond / Northern Namibia Diamonds Company

          * Other web sites
          KAPIA HENRY / HENRY SANKO / H diamond / Moses Exporting CC ( Moses Kapia ) / Alex Palmeria / Shafa Kaulinge / Namib Mining Consolidated / Company Usher Trade Pty.Limited ( Jason Carlito ) / Ludaritz Diamond Mine / Al-maz diamond company ( Thambo Santos ) / Aluta diamond Mining Company / neto deal diamond trading company ( frank neto )

          * Phones
          +264 856-337766 / +264 855-606583 / +264 81-2114233 / +264 81-6353361 / +264 814522460 / +264 8180-39155 / +264 856-160117 / +264 81-8715490 / +244-925367-646 / +244-912637748

          *E-mails : druu20055@yahoo.com / santosalex1888@gmail.com

          * skype : milko.verga

          * twitter : frank@druu20055

          Please be trading it after research well.

  5. Coen Blignaut says:

    Thsi scammed happened to me today. The numbers used were 071-026-486 and 071-736-0687. The guys name was Moses, also from Namibia. The house is very close to Royal Bafokeng stadium.

    Luckily I saw through the scam after being taken to the “buyer” of the diamonds, but besides that I’m selling my casr because I need the money, so nothing to steal from me!

    • Junk Mail Admin says:

      Hi Coen, please forward us all the details to ccc@junkmail.co.za and provide us with an account of what happened. Thanks for reporting this to us.

    • Riaanvh says:

      Looks like this same Moses from Namibia is still in action and also with the following cell number 071-736-0687.
      Just got a call from him asking me to meet him in Rustenburg so that he can buy the vehicle I advertised and then asking me to send him R180 worth of MTN airtime so that he can call his wife in Namibia so that she can arrange for payment from that side.

      • Henno Kruger says:

        Hi Riaan – Please forward all this information to our Customer Care Department. You can reach them via ccc@junkmail.co.za

      • JAY says:

        This guy, number 0717360687, beware people. Highly dangerous, asked me to come to rustenburg and needs car urgently. says he will pay cash into bank account, when you get there they target you and have followers to bank to hijack you. I told cops before hand and guess what they never rocked up the cops. I got away.

        • Henno Kruger says:

          Hi Jay – Thanks for all your comments. Please forward us all the details of these persons and an account of what happened. Please contact our Customer Care Department via on e-mail via ccc@junkmail.co.za

    • Lucy says:

      Hi there,

      Same thing happened to us. We posted an ad on Gumtree for our car and immediately got a call from this guy. He said his name was Thomas and he was a truck driver from Namibia. He said he saw the pics of the car and would pay cash but will only take the car in 10 days. He asked us to drive to Cape Town Airport Industria to show him the car. Fortunately, we called a car dealer friend to find out if it was safe and were advised against it. The call I received was from this number 0835936688. I was suspicious of the guy because he said he had run out of airtime and if I could call him back 🙂

      Anyways, all good and I am grateful that I did not take the bate.

      Please warn the car sellers on Gumtree. I tried to find a way to contact Gumtree so they could put some form of warning but could not figure it out. I am especially worried about all those who urgently need to sell their cars as they might fall for this trap. Thanks for sharing this as up until now I was not quite sure how this scam worked.

      • Henno Kruger says:

        Hi Lucy – Junk Mail is not affiliated with Gumtree, you’ll have to contact directly so they can warn their users.

    • Belle says:

      Yip Bafokeng- same thing happened to me yesterday.

      Nelson- contact number: 073 013 5383

  6. Juanita says:

    I am on my way to meet a guy this morning, same story than above, is there a police case opened where I can phone please. I would like to have a police officer escorting me with the deal so they can catch this guy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi there Juanita.

      Where would they like to meet with you?

      You can contact Karen Nel on (011) 278-8110.

      Please let me know how things went.


      • Juanita says:

        Went to Rustenburg yesterday straight to the crime prevention unit spoke to a captain who then phoned this Elvis, as per the captain they cannot just arrest this person as this person first needs to commit a crime unless I have case numbers where is already a suspect, so I ended up not meeting this Elvis guy.

        Elvis promised to meet us at the captains office as he is not now in Rustenburg will be there in 2 hours and he told the captain that 2 minutes before he spoke to my husband to wanna find out how close we are to Rustenburg as he is waiting in Rustenburg.

        If only the cops or a detective could have played along but yeah law is law?

        Have tried calling Karen just after 12 noon phone just ran.

    • JAY says:

      Hi the police are useless, when i contacted them they said they cant do anything until they see them or have people identifying them doing something wrong. too many con artists out there. The main thing, dont let buyers negotiate to you there terms, you tell them when and where you will meet.

  7. Gotcha says:

    These guys are still in Vereeniging. Wanted me to pick him up and go to the bank. I almost did but left quickly and went to the bank. I phoned him and he was cross because I left. I wanted us to meet at a police station and he was scared that the police would enquire about this big amount in cash. He never pitched at the bank as he “did not trust me anymore”.

    Same story:

    1) Junk Mail advert
    2) Wants to purchase without seeing vehicle
    3) Wants you to come to him with a different vehicle due to mileage concern
    4) You must keep the vehicle for him for 2 weeks
    5) Will pay cash
    6) You must meet him somewhere to go to the bank together and thereafter police station
    7) Very persuasive – I shrugged him off at first but he kept calling.
    8) Names used: Enoch, Simon, Thomas, Timothy
    9) Number used: 078 244 5378

  8. Ziyaad says:

    I also got a call from a few guys this week from ‘Namibia’ trying a similar scam… wanting me to bring my car to Rustenburg. He calls himself September & his cell number is 0782371256

  9. annonymous says:

    I received a call. Guy says he’s Emmanuel. I must meet him in Southgate, says I must be sure that I want to sell my car as if he likes it he will transfer money into my account, money isn’t a problem. Does this sound right, this is really getting out of hand where must we sell our cars! His nr is ‎0783180022 has any one of u received a call from this nr? It seems from the prev messsage that they use MTN nrs and 071 nrs had a missed call from that number.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Annnonymous – Thanks for letting us know about this. If this sounds dodgy to you, don’t go through with the deal. Remember to sell your item on your terms, not on someone else’s. If something sounds like a scam, it’s most likely a scam. Please report this to our Customer Care Department via ccc@junkmail.co.za

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi, this happend to me today, same story as above, driver form Namibia working for de Beers, name Timothy. He wanted me to meet him in Vereeninging but after reading all this on Thursday I just new this is the same guy. I told him there is no way Im driving to vereeniging so the phone went dead. He phoned me from phone nr 078 248 5401. Hope for his part he does not phone back tomorrow because he is going to get a peace of mind from me and I think I will delete my add from Junk Mail and keep the car for my son instead.

  11. Lazelle says:

    Hi there we placed a ad on junkmail and received a call from a guy called Patrick. He said that he is a driver of trucks from Windhoek and asked my husband to come to Vereeniging to pick up the money . On arival in Vereeniging two came to the car and showed my husband a bag full of money and diamonds and threatened to take my son if we did not pay security of R8000 . We ha to take them to potch were they then dissapeared . They used the following names . Domingoes , patrick . Here is the nr they called us from . 0745559934 , 0834353571 , 0719991467 . 0726752198 They then phoned and said they will give uss diamonds . See the attached picture .

    We have been to the police but nothing will be done .

    Please make more people aware of these bastards .

  12. John says:

    Hi Johan, I have just also almost been scammed by someone claiming to be Nelson from Namibia. Cell no. 073-786-3838. He claims his wifes name is Melissa, and her number is
    073-880-2359. I am selling a boat, so they are not only scamming sellers of motorcars. Be careful.

  13. John says:

    Same person tried to con. me too today. Said he is Nelson from Namibia (read Riaans story- exactly the same ) I was to meet him in Rustenburg etc etc. If I had more time on my hands I would love to trap this scumbag. His current number is 073 786 3838. or his wife ?? Melisa 073 880 2359. If I were a cop I would have him locked up within 48 hrs! the SAPS are disgusting. this armed robber is laughing at them. GGRRRR!

  14. Smith says:

    This has happened twice to me in the last 3 months. Same guys same story, both times I told them to go whistle. First time was in November 2012 and again yesterday, I was selling two different cars. Why is the SAPS allowing this to go on for so long? Are they really that useless! Scammer details: Name: Thomas / Number: 0838855700

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing these details with us Smith 🙂 Let’s hope the SAPS catch these okes sometime in the near future!

  15. Nadia says:

    Hi guys. My husband was just scammed by a guy named Nelson. he ask him to come to Rustenburg to buy his boat. he also asked him for R120.00 airtime, so that he can phone a guy for the money to be picked up. I got suspicion and ran an internet search for scams in Rustenburg and came across your comment. Thanks for reporting all the above, he is save now, and out of direct danger.

  16. farida says:

    The same damn thing happened today!!!!! Patrick and David both would call one after the other ,supposedly with a buyer in Angola,we refused to accept payment for something they will only take delivery 2 weeks later too!!!same truck driver from namibia,when he wanted us to drive and we refused,he suddenly became agitatedand was in a hurry to leave, We could not understand why they were so persistent,we will rather sell the car to a scrap yard and cut our loses
    Contact details

  17. Francois says:

    Same thing happened to me so I Googled this scam as I found it fishy.

    Also Moses 0834830848.
    a Black guy that can speak average Afrikaans. Driver From Namibia.
    He wants to pay me at the bank then go to the police station to draw up a contract then come get his car in 2 weeks.
    He wants to see me tomorrow in vereeniging. Wish we could do something about this guy..

    I will Send an email to ccc@junkmail.co.za Henno.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing these details Francois. Please report this to our Customer Care department via ccc@junkmail.co.za

    • Martin says:

      I was just scammed by these guys a week ago. Same modus operandi. Met with well spoken Afrikaans black truck driver from Namibia, then diamonds appear, then gun, taken hostage, cops arrive for fake “bust”, paid a lot of money to get out. I am proposing that all who have been scammed and are in the Gauteng area please make contact with me. Let’s meet up and put together an action plan to catch these guys. Let me know via this forum. I am prepared to host our meetings. If the cops are not prepared to do anything, let us do it. This scam is a very well planned operation. We can plan together and stop them, ALL of us.

  18. anonymous says:

    Hi my husband is also driving back from a close call whith the same guys. A Fanie September speaking fluent Afrikaans phoned us last night and said he is very interested in our car and he want to buy it tomorrow. My husband has to come to Rustenburg ( we are in Middelburg about 3hours drive away). There in Rustenburg Absa will he pay our full asking price plus R2000 for our inconvenience to drive so far. He also said he must not drive with the car for sale as he does not want the mileage to go up.

    He said he is a trucking company boss driving his own truck, and has to go to Namibia for 10 days and could only fetch the car when he is back.

    He said after the full payment is deposited in my husband’s account they must go to the police station and draw up a contract to state that my husband must bring the car to him in 10 days.

    My husband agreed abd travelled the 3h drive this morning. When he got to the absa he phoned Fanie and Fanie said he does not have taxi money and could he pick him up at a stadium. He went there and waited for him. When he finally came Fanie said he must first do another deal before he has the money and could he drive him there. They went into the township to a shack. My husband said he would wait in the car while he does his business, but Fanie persuaded him to come in with him. He said, moenie bang wees nie jys veilig by Fanie. Jys mos nou by Fanie, jys nie in gevaar nie.

    In the shack sat a muslim guy behind a table and showed my husband suitcases full of money and there was a bag of diamonds on the table. Fanie and the muslim agreed on a price for other diamonds still to be collected. Then my husband had to drive Fanie to a few Angolese men who had the diamonds. Fanie then said, he told them that my husband was his partner and asked my hubby to speak to the angolese since his english is better. So he got my hubby to do the negotiations for the deal. They then said yhey do noy want to let the diamonds go without payment or some sort of security. Fanie said he had R15000 in his truck but could mot use that as that was his fuel money to go back to namibia.

    They asked my hubby to give them money but he had nothing on him. They then asked him if he could not drive to a atm and draw money

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing this with us

    • Dawie says:

      I live in Somerset West/Strand.
      This sound like a copy of my experience last week 6-8 March 2015.

      This time his name was John and his Angolan friends were called George and Domingo.
      Except this time the security money was R150,000.

      Who can one talk to? I had all the places of work and town where he claims he works and resides, checked. Obviously at noe of these places does anybody know him.

  19. Ed says:

    Hi guys, same thing here, with scammer wanting me to go to rustenburg. Neels with number: 083 770 2608

  20. Hi there,

    Just received a call now…. I’m so glad I saw your responses on this page. Got a call about two weeks ago on the same thing. Was really tempted to go the first time.

    Don’t know what the guys name was the first time, but the story was similar:
    I work for Diamond company in Namibie, I’m here to pick up a machine and take it back to Namibie. We’re leaving tommorrow, so could you come to Rustenburg, I will give you the cash, we can go and pay it into your bank account, go to the police station to write an avidavit and then I’ll come and collect the car next week.

    He said that he needs the avidavit to get leave from his company in Namibie to come and collect the car (which is about an hours travel).

    This time around, the guy’s name was Paulus – 0730024329

    Average Afrikaans and has an answer to all of your questions.

    It’s not lekker to know that there are guys like these waiting to scam us when we are trying to sell our cars honestly.


  21. Andre says:

    Yesterday I received a call from a guy claiming to be in Vereeniging. He spoke broken Afrikaans, said he was from Namibia driving a truck. He wanted me to come to meet him so he can pay me. I said no.

    Then he said he will then pay the full amount and collect the car in 2 weeks. He asked for R90 airtime to phone his wife in Namibia to transfer the money to him. He said his Vodacom phone cannot phone internationally and he is far away from a place to buy airtime. So believing him, I sent R90 MTN airtime.

    He phoned me back and said he is going to the bank the next day to do the payment. He phoned me after going to the bank. The bank wanted R4500 to “clear” the cheque or something, he was short R1900. He wanted me to pay the R1900 to him to clear the cheque.

    I searched the internet this morning, as this was a bit fishy. I came across this site and knew it fit the bill. I refused to engage him any further and he got very upset with me.

    He gave the following details to me :
    Name : David Eelu
    ID : 6608101100507
    NR : 078 708 3817
    NR : 071 206 8381

    This guy had me fooled for a while, please be careful.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing Andre

    • Martin says:

      Hi Andre

      Fake ID number. Had it verified with home affairs. Please see my other posts on here. I’m sugggesting putting together an action team to get these guys. Let me know if you’re interested.

      • Herman says:

        Hi im willing to help get these guys,we must start something like a anti-scam unit to get scammers on all these platforms,like junkmail etc

  22. Dzerie says:

    Hi there,

    Just received a call now…. I’m so glad I saw your responses on this page. Got a call about two weeks ago on the same thing. Was really tempted to go the first time.

    Don’t know what the guys name was the first time, but the story was similar:
    I work for Diamond company in Namibie, I’m here to pick up a machine and take it back to Namibie. We’re leaving tommorrow, so could you come to Rustenburg, I will give you the cash, we can go and pay it into your bank account, go to the police station to write an avidavit and then I’ll come and collect the car next week.

    He said that he needs the avidavit to get leave from his company in Namibie to come and collect the car (which is about an hours travel).

    This time around, the guy’s name was Paulus – 0730024329

    Broken English and has an answer to all of your questions.

    – See more at: http://www.junkmail.co.za/blog/klerksdorp-vehicle-scam-warning/458#sthash.sUwQK6Z9.dpuf

  23. Joof says:

    Why don’t we take the law into our own hands and sort them out “African” style? The a -hole keeps on phoning me from the listed numbers trying his luck!!

  24. Shaun says:

    Got a call from Gustav,well spoken in Afrikaans, Cell 0735700894 wanted me to drive to Rustenburg to make the deal on my bakkie. Anyway will tell him to piss off! Thanks for the warning guys.

  25. anonymous says:

    Hi Henno! I also loaded my private vehicle on gumtree and olx and receive a call from our Namibian dude! number 078 775 2677. Thank you for making the effort to publish this on the website at least someone is trying to do something Thanks to this site we did not fall for their scam!

  26. sella says:

    This scam is still on going we have been scammed and these guys are reading every comment on this site. They have now moved over to rustenburg.

  27. sella says:

    We have been scammed and they have moved over to rustenburg. They read all these post to be updated. Same scam different names and numbers

  28. AJ says:

    Same setup is still ongoing. “Thomas” from “Namibia”. He spoke Afrikaans. Wants to buy the vehicle for his brother. Wants to meet in Welkom and will pay and I must keep vehicle for 2 weeks. He claimed to be a Truck driver. He phoned from the following number: 0736134332. He got apprehensive when I asked for an ID to be emailed to me.

  29. Annelize says:

    Please post these scam numbers on one of these sites for others to find…


    Always a good idea to search the numbers on the ads first!

  30. Regh says:

    This happened to me today, in Cape Town, so dodgy.

  31. Michelle says:

    These group is still operating. Luckily inlaws was also selling car, when we heard that our buyers story was a carbon copy for two completely different cars we pulled out of the deal.

    Number used:
    073 002 4329, alias Victor

  32. Lorraine says:

    17 December 2013. Moses just called my boyfriend. Also from Namibia, 2weeks, truck’s got a tracker and so on. About 2 years ago he also advertised his (now sold) car and the same guy from Namibia with the same story…so naturally with this co incidence it raised all my suspicion. This needs to stop before someone gets hurt….

  33. Shaun says:

    same thing happened to us yesterday in Vereeniging. drove from Witbank, went through the whole diamond negotiation because Patrick could only speak afrikaans. Went to collect the 600 000 in cash from the buyer in Lenasia, got to some house in the location, while sitting there with Patrick, 3 black guys and one coloured guy came in posing as undercover Police officers, searched us threatening us. Ended up taking 20 000 from our me and my cousins account, our cell phones and other belongings. These guys are very good as they were beating up Patrick to scare us. finally they let us go but one officer said we should meet him at Mc Donalds South gate and he will return our belongings if we sell the diamonds for him. He never pitched, now funny numbers keep contacting me sounds very much like Patrick.

  34. meeno says:

    Hi all the same thing happened to me and my sister today luckily she asked me to drive with her to meet this buyer, who asked her to meet him at caltex garage near the airport, he was also on a business trip to cape town but from kimberly, we met him at the garage and he just asked her if she have the papers for the car became suspicious when he didn’t ask what year model it is and what type of engine, he didn’t even open the bonnet to have a look at the engine , he than told us to get the money at parow centre by his boss on our way there he asked us if we speak english because his boss speaks english and he don’t understand , he than phoned the boss and let my sister tell him we on our way to pick up keneths money
    The boss which sounded like a white male than said yes its ok he can come and collect the money
    we droped keneth of at parow centre where he told us to wait for him , but I told my sister to drive home because this deal doesn’t look legit and I searched the net and came accross this site, I made a video of this guy but don’tknow how to upload it, Iwant everyone to know what he looks like so that he can’t scam or hurt someone you know

  35. Delano says:


    Got the same call from Moses in vereeniging. although he never asked me for airtime (yet…)
    Further details:
    Works as driver in namibia.
    Wants the car without seeing it. Willing to pay cash. I must keep the car for 2 weeks (He will pay an extra R1000 if I do). He wants it for his younger brother who is studying. He doesnt care about any damages to car. proposed to first go to bank to transfer money then go with to police station but he can only meet in vereeniging and not in Pretoria. When I said I work in Majakaneng he said he has a friend called Thomas in Rustenburg. Looks like they plan this together even if in different areas. So there has got to be a boss somewhere running this, we need to find him

    He still thinks I am going to meet up with him sometime tomorow or his friend Thomas in Rustenburg next week. Anybody who wants to catch these guys and teach them a lesson the time would be now.

    I spoke to him just now again so he thinks im still interested. anybody who wants to play Karma and give these guys what they deserve please reply to my comment and lets see what we can do

  36. wakesin says:

    I came from a client meeting at mcdonalds in vangate mall (cape town) as I was pulling out 3 guys in a white honda ballade flagged me down asked me how much for my toyota corolla is beautifull and flashy real eye catcher they ask he how much I said 40k they said make better price I said I said 37k non neg they said they were namibian showed me a passport I didn’t look at and took my number they kept on phoning throughout the day telling me what to bring with to the calrex garage near cape town international airport being a salesman myself I new it didn’t sound right everything was just too easy .they contacted me in the morning in afrikaans well spoken and I told them too meet me on my terms at a place of my chosing when I said that they just hung up … So that’s when I found this blogsite so people be careful dude goes by the name of kennedy uses +27784465542 number and gives u the same namibian wife story will collect in so many days will pay cash

  37. Gerhard says:

    Thank you for the warning!! The guy from 078 237 1256 just called me with his Namibia story.

  38. Heinz says:

    Hi Henno and everyone.
    Two years back I was conned with the exact story by Thomas from namibie as a driver for a diamond mine,unfortunately the Lenasia police were in on The act as they held me at gun point in unifor and drove around with me to get as much cash as possible and threatening me with my life etc.
    Fortunately I managed to get away by going into the bank for cash and then alerting people to get help.

    Twovyears later gues who called me today for another vehicle im selling..thomas using cell number +27 74 721 7986
    Told him to FOff and he hung up.

    Be ware they are still going after years of the same scam only due to the police being involved themselves!!

  39. These guys are still busy. Received the phone call yesterday.. Very much the same story – truck driver from Namibia, wants me to meet him in Rustenburg. Asked all kinds of questions which made bells go off – where do i work, what bank do i bank with… Then the last call (he send a sms requesting that I phoned him back) he wanted to know if I will be coming alone and what time am i leaving… I got my dad to phone him and let him know we wont be going though anymore, if he wants the car he can come to jhb and meet me at a police station. He them sent me sms’es and told me my dad is jealous and doesnt want me to have the money. He also them mentioned the diamond, if i come though i can buy some diamonds.. What a nut case – After googling and finding your website, I cant believe that this scam has been going on for soooo long. They should be behind bars!! His latest name in JP – Joshep and his number is 0735913859

  40. Thando says:

    Hi. I was just contacted by Gustav. Same MO as above. We are to meet tomorrow in Cape Town. I was also contacted by his accomplice Peter and the following numbers were used: 0717212300 and 0848371166. I was going to go with a friend but after reading this, as desperate as I am to sell my car, I think it’s better to leave it. Thanks for posting. Please send me a copy of the original story as I can’t seem to access same. Thanks again

  41. Thando says:

    Thank you so much for creating this page. I’m based in Cape Town and was due to meet a certain Peter today this afternoon who wanted to purchase my vehicle. We were due to meet at Cape Town International Airport. I spoke to Gustav (the purchaser) yesterday, and things didn’t seem to add up. I asked him what he did and he stated that he was an engineer, but works at De Beers Namibia as a miner. He then stated that he will pay for the car today and I should take my advert off auto trader. What really concerned me was that he mentioned that he couldn’t come to Cape Town himself as he will be in Angola to further his interest in oil, and he will collect the car in two weeks. Not a moment after that he was asking if I can find him buyers for his diamonds.

    This didn’t sound right at all.

    Always trust your gut is all I can say. If it’s too good to be true, then it is. Be careful everyone.

  42. Shawn says:

    Also the same story – I had 2 cars in the newspaper and web.

    He clearly forgot he phoned me on other car. His name was Gustav [0848371166] and next time his name was Thomas [0712068381](Both of him worked for De Beers in Namibia – he also asked me if I want to buy stones or know someone who would).

    Both entities of himself would meet me in Rustenburg and Vereeniging – the same day, really?

    Sounds fine as we would go into a bank and transfer the money and then drive to the police station to do affidavits.

    I called the crime line just like the guys said above and i was told to call the Rustenburg or Vereeniging Police rather.

    Glad I found this article and posts

  43. Dirk Smit says:

    I have a Victor from Namibia saying he is in Rustenburg and wants to pay cash (R396000)for the car He is waiting for my call 0710534903

    • Hi Dirk,

      Please beware of people offering to pay so much money without having seen the car. Propose meeting him at a Police station of your choice.

      Thank you for the information.
      The Junk Mail Online Team

  44. lucky luke says:

    same thing happened to me in cape town last week. had me drive to a mall where this 3rd guy (jeweler) would pay me the cash. the warning bells just got so loud that i bailed out. googled the key elements of my experience and it is a carbon copy of some of the stories here. I got out in one piece and without any loss. (Other than a day and faith in people) What an eye opener this was for me!

  45. Johan says:

    Johannes on 0782371256 called me wanted to do the same rustenburg trick.

    Told him I will call him back tomorrow. 28/08/2014.

    Anyone keen on sting?

  46. anonymous says:

    These guys also got away with my money, the guy still answers his phone and I have convinced him that one of my friends has a R50k deposit for his so called diamonds. I am going to take this matter into my own hands. If anyone feels like joining in please contact me. I spent another R3000 on PI and he could tell me all the details I need to know. And that these guys have a shared bank account with more than R125k in it. My CZ75 is loaded and I will get my money back. Email me if you feel like joining in. hoender450@gmail.com . Please excuse the weird email. All my other email addresses have my name and surname which I dont give out.

    • Hi Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing. Please feel free to provide all the information to us because we forward them to the police in Cape Town who is currently busy investigating this case. I would suggest that you get the police also involved because these persons are very dangerous and appeared to be operating as a syndicate.

  47. Dianne says:

    I also got a call from a guy yesterday from ‘Namibia’ trying a similar scam… wanting me to bring my car to Rustenburg. He calls himself Lucas & his cell number is 0733728841. These guys must be stopped !!

  48. Anna says:

    Hi Have a guy called Rudi who says hes in Lesotho and cant buy mtn airtime and needs to phone his bank where his son is in Gabarone to release money to buy my car and I have to deliver car to Bloem this Fri. He has just litterally called me to buy him MTN airtime for his phone his number is 07810094448 son is apparently Andere 0026776705029

    • Hi Anna,

      Please do not entertain any further talks with this person. If they are legit buyers, they will have a way of buying their own airtime.

      We’ll look out for these telephone numbers in the meantime.

      Thanks for using Junk Mail!

  49. Francois says:

    I’d like to report another instance of this scam.
    I have posted my vehicle on Gumtree yesterday and last night someone calling himself Ronnie contacted me (from 07648034797) with a similar MO. He is an Afrikaans speaking black man, claiming to be a truck driver from Swakopmund. Purely based on what is shown of my vehicle on my Gumtree add, he was quite willing to buy the vehicle…cash off course. He said that he has to drive to a factory in “the Cape” the next day (although he doesn’t know where exactly yet) and then when he gets there, I should come and pick him up at the nearest Shopping mall so that we can go to the bank together, where he will then magically make full payment for my vehicle. From there, we are supposed to go to the Police station together with our IDs. It was clear to me the he does not even know what paperwork is involved in the purchase of a vehicle. This story is pretty much the same as the 2nd last comments (from Toni) posted on the following article – http://www.reportacrime.co.za/CrimeReport.aspx?ID=7642

    Needless to say, I did not go through with this. Be warned people, they are still out there and apparently the police are not able to stop them.

  50. Charl says:

    Same thing happened yesterday In Rustenburg. Guys name is Tommy,Domingo and a few other “policemen”. they tried to rob me,but I managed to get away.

  51. Eden Venter says:

    Hi, just had two calls 8 minutes apart. First from George – 0782371256 and then from Daniel – 0766201861. Same person – fluent in Afrikaans giving me the same BS story about being from Namibia.. but in 8mins he travelled from Klerksdorp to Kimberley…

    • Thanks for the warning and information Eden!

      • Anon says:

        Saskia, these guys did their thing yesterday (Saturday), in Tyger Valley, Cape Town. Same story. Interested in buying a bakkie, negotiated for a week, victim forced to withdraw from ATM, even met with and had meal at McDonalds N1 City with victims prior.3 Guys. Willem and go between called Mike. Same Namibia driver story. Well dressed and Afr speaking. Black/coloured Namibian look and Angolan accomplice. Case made with SAP.

  52. username says:

    Same story, guy called talked afrikaans and said he couldn’t hear me and asked me to call him back using a landline. He then told me his whole story, truck driver from Namibia working for De beers and he can’t leave his truck alone. So he then arranged with me to meat him at Rustenburg next moring where we will go to the bank and then to the police station, luckily for me found this threads before going. It is November 2015 now and this guys are still operating. He used the name Elvis and the phone number 0617344126

  53. Andre says:

    For me it was Daniel that called me when I was selling a Merc in 2010. I was in the area on the mines and managed to meet him.
    I never felt threatened but I obviously declined and went on my way.

  54. Ruan says:

    Same thing happened to me. Guy calling himself herman, number+27 63 879 7734

  55. Andrew says:

    Same happened Afrikaans speaking person with cape accent using phone number 0736311935, works for De Beers as truck driver but from Namibia, in Klerksdorp at the moment

  56. Dennis says:

    Herman from this number: 0736311935, claiming to be a truck driver from Namibia wanted me to meet him in Van der Bijl Park. Did a Google search and found this. Asked him to meet me at the Police station there, as my cousin works there. Dimwit put the phone down and calls goes straight to voicemail.

  57. Fabien says:

    Also just received a call from 0736311935. Greeted me in Afrikaans, told him I only speak English and simply hung up on me. Google led me here. Beware!

  58. Christo says:

    Lukas, called me on Monday and today. First he was from Vereeniging and now he is from Rustenburg. Two different numbers bu the exact same person calling with the same Namibia story.0733350778 and 0736311935

  59. Eddie says:

    Desmond call me today from 0736311935 to buy our Mini Cooper. It all sounds to good to be true. He is a truck driver from Namibia. I must meet him tomorrow in Vereeniging, to go to the Bank and then the Police station. He will give me all the money upfront and then only came and get the car next week. My wife told me immediately this is a SCAM. She toke the mobile number and google and I got to this Scam Warning.

  60. Cobus says:

    Hi guys. I also received a call from Willem last week wanting to buy my vehicle. I am in Vryheid and he wants me to go to Newcastle tomorrow where Mokoena will meet me, pay over the agreed upon sum and then the vehicle must remain at my house till such a time that they can arrange to have it transported. I see that some of you traced their position and found out where they were phoning from. How do you do it? The numbers I have for the two of them are 082 592 9853, 073 362 0415 and 079 410 8781.

  61. Richard says:

    Hey guys, same story here. Some guy called claiming to be named Gustav and worked in the diamond mines in Klerksdorp and all that bullshit. This is the phone number he used: 0769203521

  62. Vee says:

    Hi received a call now from the same number 0769203521 regarding the vehicle Im selling. Told him to piss off

  63. Fraudster Teaser says:

    Same story came now up with the sale of my car. This time he calls himself Lucas Johannes or Tshepo Johannes, 0788644787. He claims to be from 9449 Sam Nujoma Street in Oshakati West in Namibia and to have ID 6512131100222. Neither check out after running data through Nam Police and Fraud Examiners Association.

    He claims to work now at Impala Mine near Rustenburg and starts as usual with asking for airtime to phone his wife (Maria +264 81 3325793) in Namibia and pretend to speak only Afrikaans. I let it run as far as a “bank manager” phoning from Bank of Windhoek to confirm recipient bank details and to inform me (Recipient) to the cent what immediate clearance between their Bank and FNB South Africa cost, N$ 9 595.97 (no joke).

    I actually wanted to play it a bit longer but ran out of time and told this fraudster to go and f*** himself!

    Other numbers he uses are Namibian: +264 61 253671 (supposed to be Fax) and +264 65 262503 (supposed to be his work).

  64. gavin says:

    The Namibian Truck Simon from Vereeniging and his cronies are Fernando, Salim in Muslim Garb. They are then joined by two Angolans. They managed to scammed us out of R 45 000. last week. They do a diamond deal in your car and the you are asked to provide a guarantee for the diamonds while the get the rest of the money. You are conned by thinking you are helping the Namibian to his money to pay you, but you end up with no money and your car is not sold. If the police were interested, they could easily arrest and convict these criminals !

    • Hi Gavin, very sorry to hear about what happened! If this scam happened in relation to a Junk Mail advertisement, please contact scam@junkmail.co.za or phone (012) 432 2295 with the details and we’ll investigate further. Thanks

    • Juan says:

      This just happed to me also the same the diamant deal in the car we left, the Namibian said we should come back the next day for the money and when we dis we almost got robbed luckaly i had my air gun with me when the diamant deal happened and the namibian saw it so when thing got heated they backed off

  65. Chrissie says:

    Hi. Got a call today from a man calling himself Simon. Apparently works at diamond mine in Namibia. Wanted to meet me in Klerksdorp tomorrow to finalise paperwork and financial side of things as he would only be there for that day. I did not need to bring the vehicle just yet. When i asked him how could he buy a vehicle without viewing it he asked if the engine and gearbox were sound. I said yes. He said that was fine. And in the advert (gumtree) it looked good. He then proceeded to ask me some personal questions. I asked him why he needed to know this so said he said he was just asking, that’s all. My husband thought it all sounded a bit suspicious and went onto the internet where, fortunately, he found your website. Thank goodness for that. I could have been badly scammed.

  66. Hercules Dreyer says:

    Got a call from a guy (Philimon) claiming to be from Oranjemund in Namibia. He was only in Klerksdorp for the weekend as a truck driver. He phoned from 078 752 1641. Asked me to come through to Klerksdorp so that he could pay the money over to my bank, go with me to the police station for affidavits and complete paperwork. Reminded me to bring my ID and the car’s papers, souded very ligit. He would then come sometime next week to get the car. Spoke near perfect Afrikaans. I didn’t want to drive all that way.

  67. Muhammed says:

    Same story with my dad and the namibian. Dad thought it sounded fishy when they were doing a diamond deal in the car so he told them to get out. Name used was David (Namibian truck driver for De Beers). Here’s the number they used: 0836866612.

  68. Mohamed says:

    Hi they using the 0836866612 number. I just received a call from them. Once they heard I work for SAPS the call ended.

  69. Ricky says:

    Same here Namibian truck drivers smuggling diamonds phone numbers 0603718889 or 0661347529 this happened this morning

  70. Ricky says:

    Can’t we catch them coz I can even try to get pics of them, tired of all these scams

  71. Carolus says:

    These crooks got me and my dad last Friday. He calls himself Simon ,his number 0763350819. Happened in vereeniging. Only got R4500 out of us,but wasn’t a nice experience.

  72. Marelise says:

    This happened to my father yesterday in Vereeniging!!! Who can we contact? This thing is going on for too long now!!!!!!

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Marelise,

      We’re very sorry to hear about what happened. If this scam happened in relation to a Junk Mail advertisement, please contact scam@junkmail.co.za or phone 012 432 2295 with the details and we’ll investigate further.

      Kind regards,
      The Junk Mail Team

  73. Sarel says:

    My vriend and my sister from secunda was cuaght by this guys
    He was robbed yesterday by these guys
    They tried me also in the past when i wanted to sel ny vehicles on junkmail gumtree or olx

    My friends details is as follow 0826090122

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Sarel,

      We’re sorry to hear that this has happened.

      If you have any additional information on these scammers, including links, please send it to scam@junkmail.co.za and we’ll investigate it from out side.

      Kind regards,
      The Junk Mail Team

  74. Cobus Van Rooyen says:

    Happened to me. Lost 23000.00

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Cobus,

      We’re sorry to hear that this happened.

      If you have any additional information on these scammers, including links, please send it to scam@junkmail.co.za and we’ll investigate it from out side.

      Kind regards,
      The Junk Mail Team

  75. Marelise says:

    Exactly the same thing is happening to me as we speak – I almost met with “HERMAN – 083 679 8349” at the airport, 45min ago, yet something seemed off, same story, truck driver from Nam, wanting the vehicle in 2 weeks time.
    He got very agitated when I said this is not working for me, I was watching him while he thought I was still on my way to the Drop-and-Go, something just felt wrong, so I made up a story and left. He’s wanting me to meet him again tomorrow, so we can go to the police station and thereafter the bank to do the transaction – anyone in crime units interested in catching this man? Please contact me, he’s still convinced that I’m unaware of his scam.

  76. SAKKIE says:


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