Klerksdorp Vehicle Scam Warning

Some of our users have come across a scam which seems to be originating in the city of Klerksdorp in the North West Province.

How the scam works: A scammer claiming to be from Namibia / Botswana will contact a person selling his / her vehicle. The scammer will normally respond to the advert in well spoken Afrikaans. They’ll allege that they are working as a driver / in another position for a diamond mine in Botswana / Namibia.

In some cases they will ask for airtime so they can make long distance calls to Namibia / Botswana. They’ll seem very eager to purchase the seller’s vehicle. The scammer will request that the person drive to Klerksdorp in the North West province so that the sales deal can be done for the vehicle. In some cases the seller will be requested to drive to Klerksdorp with a different vehicle.

Once the seller arrives in Klerksdorp the scammer will claim that he needs to complete a diamond deal with a diamond buyer in order to complete the sales deal of the vehicle. The scammers will either conjure the seller to pay an amount to complete the diamond deal, attempt to hijack the seller if he / she arrives in Klerksdorp or engage in other suspicious activities. Various versions of this scam exist.

How to avoid this scam: Don’t buy airtime for any potential buyer. Don’t arrange to pay money into their account for petrol money to drive to your chosen meeting point. The more complicated the story told by the potential buyer the more likely its a scam. Don’t fall for this scam. Sell your item on your terms, not on a potential buyer’s terms.

If you have been a victim of this: Report this matter to the SAPS and please provide us with a full account of what happened. Please include the phone numbers involved in the scam. Contact our Customer Care department on 012-3423840 x2295 / via e-mail at ccc@junkmail.co.za

Please note: This scam is highly adaptable and scamsters are able to do this from any location. There have been recent developments that indicate that this type of scam has also been found in Vereeniging.

Remember! If something sounds to good to be true it usually is not true. Be Smart! Be Savvy! Be Safe

Also check out the Safety & Security pageĀ on the Junk Mail Help Site. Feel free to share this information with your friends to increase awareness for scams.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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