Living with your pet in a small space

So you finally found the accommodation that allows you to keep a pet? After all, a home can never be a home without the joy of a little furry friend. The outside environment is perfect, but now you have a challenge to ensure that you are happy and your pet is also happy. What is the friendly way to ensure a happy home for you and your pet?

With just a few changes you can keep your companion happy as well as your home. Here are tips for living with your pet in a small space.

1. Just because you are now living with your pet, it does not mean that your flat should look or smell like a barn yard. A little investment in a vacuum cleaner could be the difference between a smelly space and a friendly home.

Instead of spending hours and money on scrubbing brushes and expensive detergents, vacuum cleaners today are capable of sucking in all the pet hairs on the couches as well as ensuring a good, clean home.


2. How about a little space for your little friend? Yes! Get them their own little bed at any corner of your home, where they will always know that this is their designated area. With time, your pet will know that this is his own spot.

You can clean or wash the area once every week to keep it fresh and smelling good. Doing this will ensure that your bed or clothes are kept dog-hair free. It will also be a benefit to your guests, especially those who prefer visiting and leaving with no extra hair on their clothing or belongings.


3. Be careful what you feed your pet. Living with your pet is not easy, anything can be hazardous to your pet. Plants, certain foods, in fact it has been found that lilies are highly toxic to cats.

If you are going to be living with your pet, its health and safety should be as important as your own. That is why it is important to ensure that the most harmful foods, or plants are kept in areas where your pet won’t have easy access.


And, the food your pet eats affects their digestive system (and you know what an unhealthy digestive system smells like!). Remember, a smelly pet equals a smelly home.

4. Bathe your pet regularly. A clean pet is a very happy, non-smelly pet. You will be shocked at what high quality food can do to a pet. Just like a human being, everything that we eat has an impact on our hair, skin even our digestive system. So? Pets require bathing regularly or as often as a human being would.


Whether you are living in a house or apartment that is pet-friendly, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your pet will please you and your pet. It is about the outside environment, as well as the inside.

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