Ideas on how to decorate your NEW flat

When you are moving into a new flat, the stress that follows after is having to populate your new home with new furniture. But what if you did not have to? Buying property has already cost you so much already why not be savvy with your furniture by renovating it.

1. A new paint job

Not for your flat, but for your furniture. Sometimes people focus too much on wanting to give the flat a new paint job, when in fact it is the furniture that needs the new paint job. From the TV stand or the bodies of the lamps, either with a different colour or a new coating.

It does not have to be the same colour as it was when you got it. Be creative!


2. Decorate your place with pictures

It does not have to be any pictures of yourself. But that can also help to make the place more personal. However, if that is not your style and you feel something artier would do, wall art from Mr Price stores is fairly inexpensive.


You can buy wall art with inspiring words or shapes for R159 or architectural wall art from R179. You can even use the wall art to hide any embarrassing art or holes. Instead of making holes you can use floating shelves to hold the pictures.

3. Get floor covering

When you buy property, unfortunately you are stuck with whatever floor finishes are available. They could be tiles or even old carpeting. If you feel the carpet at your new flat is not stylish enough, camouflage it with a smaller mat so that the focus is not on the bigger carpet.

Buying a new carpet or getting a new one installed can be expensive. That is why, while you save up for the carpeting you want you can still have a beautiful flat while you wait.


4. Go vintage

Anything that is vintage has a timely charm. And although anything that is old can pose a decorative challenge, because you do not know where to place it, find a way to make it work. If your mother has given you curtains that look like they were stolen from the 60’s, use them as shower curtains.

Or bags from the 70’s, instead of throwing them out, find a way you can fit them in to your new flat, you just bought it, you can do whatever you want. It will be like bringing fashion and style to your home.


5. Use mirrors to shine on

Gone are the days when mirrors were only considered for the bedroom or bathroom. Mirrors do more than just reflect how you look, they reflect light and make the place look spacious. You can add a mirror in the kitchen or in the dining room or lounge area.

This will give the space a bit of life.

Make sure that it is across a window so that it is at a prime position to receive natural light.


But then if all else fails…Just get a plant. After all, buying property does not mean that after signing the papers to the place, you have to get everything new. Building a home takes time and if you want it to be perfect, for a while you have to use what you already have available to you.

But if you are in the process of buying property, Pretoria is a great place to find the most affordable flats for sale. Flats are a starting point for property investors. They are small and once you buy new property you can rent them out to students or new graduates. So get decorating.

For affordable flats for sale in Pretoria, visit the Junk Mail website for flats for sale.

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