Looking for Property to Rent? Why not rock the “Bach-Flat”

One of the most exciting times in life is when you move into your first place and if you’re looking for property to rent, there are few better options for a youngster than the old “Bach-Flat”.

Property-to-rent-in-gautengA bachelor flat, for those not in the know and not up-to-date with the lingo, is a simple studio, loft or 1 bedroom flat. A studio is very open plan with the bedroom, lounge area and sometimes the kitchen in one area with a separate, walled off area, for the bathroom. A loft is probably the fanciest type of bachelor flat as it will have the kitchen and lounge in one area and then, on another level, you will find the bedroom and the bathroom. Finally, you will have the traditional 1 bedroom flat. Similar to the studio in size and layout, but it will usually have walls separating the various rooms, making things a little more private and enclosed.

Living in a Bachelor Flat

For first timers especially, there are few things better than a bachelor flat. Seeing as most of them are meant for one person only, it will give you complete freedom. I’m not saying you’ll be able to throw massively wild house parties, but if you don’t fancy wearing clothes for any reason, perfect, just make sure the curtains are closed and go for it. The size of the bachelor flat is also quite handy as it will deter any potential freeloaders. Spending a night on the couch is fine, but I doubt you’ll have to put up with unwanted house guests for extended periods of time.

Another brilliant aspect of living in a bachelor flat is its size. Generally, they tend to be fairly small, often no bigger than 50m², which makes keeping them clean extremely easy, often not needing more than a light dusting and a casual vacuum on a weekly basis. Bachelor flats also tend to be fairly centrally located so if you don’t fancy living in the suburbs with the older folk, a bachelor flat will be perfect. You’ll be close to nightlife, public transport and other like-minded individuals with which to party.

Make the Move

So if you’re looking to make the move to your first place and you were wondering where to find a bachelors flat to rent in South Africa, have a look at Junk Mail. Each and every day there are thousands of new flats advertised and, should you be in the market for a new place, your best bet would be to look on the website. And remember, if a bachelor flat doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can always have a look at the other types of Property to Rent as well.

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    Im looking for either a 1bedroom flat or bachelor flat in Pretoria east,pricing should be very reasonable and i prefer to rent from the owner,no middle man or agents please
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