Never tried playing pool? Here’s what you need to know

Do you want to buy a pool table? Whether you want to improve your skills or you just want a fun game to add to your entertainment area, there are plenty of advantages to buying a pool table.

Playing pool is a great way to relax after work and it requires strategising rather than exceptional athleticism. Second-hand pool tables are a great option for families since they provide children and teenagers with an activity they can enjoy with their friends in the safety of their homes. From pool table sizes to their price, there are plenty of things to consider before you buy a table. You can find pool tables for sale on Junk Mail.

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What you need to play pool

Before you decide whether to buy it or not, check if the pool table price includes the tools that you need to play the game. A pool cue and balls are the essential items that you need to start playing. If the sale doesn’t include these items, you will need to factor in an additional cost. Once you have these necessities, you can consider buying a pool cue case and pool cue cleaner. It is also advantageous to buy a tip scuffer and joint protectors.

How to master three essential pool shots

Once you have your own pool table, you can start practicing regularly to improve your skills. You can start off by mastering three basic shots which will help to take your ability to the next level. These shots will give you a strong foundation and increase your chances of winning. The trick is to practice each shot over and over again until it becomes effortless.

Start off by practicing straight shots. You can do this by setting up a shot that is easy for you. Practice this shot until you sink the ball consistently. Next increase the difficulty of the straight shot by expanding the distance between the target ball, cue ball, and pocket. You can continue practicing, mastering the shot before proceeding to increase the difficulty level by placing the balls further apart. Once you feel comfortable with the straight shot, you can start learning how to add spin to the cue ball. Set the balls up in the same formation as the straight shot and start by hitting the cue ball at a point higher or lower than its centre. Striking the ball higher than its centre adds topspin, while striking lower than the centre adds backspin.

Continue practicing this shot until you can sink the ball at a range of difficulty levels. Finally move on to learning how to sink the ball using an angled shot. Start by placing the target ball close to the pocket and increase the distance as your skill level progresses. Second-hand pool tables offer you great value for money and enable you to improve your pool game in the comfort of your home.

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Tips for playing pool

These simple tips can help you improve your game significantly. When you’re taking a shot, make sure that you keep your head straight for better accuracy. Keep your bridge hand steady by pushing your fingertips gently onto the cloth on the pool table. It is advisable to hold your position until your target ball has been sunk. Practice your backswing to get the best shot. It should be smooth and slow for the best effect. Your back hand should be free from tension when you are taking a shot. Before you take a shot, walk around the pool table and select the best position for your cue ball. Make sure that you remain calm even when the game is not going the way that you want it to. Second-hand pool tables offer you a great opportunity to set up a table in your home and practice these tips so that you can take your game up a level.

How to choose a pool table

From the pool table price to its size, there are plenty of factors to consider to ensure that you are making a good investment. A vital consideration is to check that the surface of the pool table is level. Tables with adjustable legs are advantageous since they enable you to achieve a level surface after you move the table. Assess the quality of the table before you buy it. Solid hardwood is heavier but it’s also more robust. It’s best to buy a table that has a ¾ inch slate thickness. The felt should be secured to the table with glue and secures. Check the quality of the felt, the higher its wool content, the longer it will last. When you are looking for pool tables for sale, you should also check the railings and cushions. Hardwood rails and cushions with a canvas backing will improve the quality of the game. Another consideration is the quality of the pockets. Pockets made from soft, rubberised plastic are more durable than other variations. Pool table sizes vary and you will need to check the space that you have in your entertainment area before deciding on a suitable size.

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Now that you know more about the game of pool, you can browse online to find pool tables for sale. A pool table provides your whole family with hours of fun and it makes a great addition to your entertainment area.

Never tried playing pool? Here's what you need to know
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Never tried playing pool? Here's what you need to know
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