New Apple iPad Pro soon-to-be released

Apple seems to have finally decided to take on the enterprise market. The Apple iPad has always been geared towards business people but the new iPad for sale is definitely designed to appeal to a wider range of consumers and it doesn’t disappoint. Much like their Macbook products, you will love the new iPad Pro even if you aren’t a business person.



First off, we should mention that the iPad Pro is much bigger than its previous models. In fact, we would go as far as to say that it’s huge. It measures 13 inches diagonally (33 cm) with a 12.9 inch screen (32.5 cm). It is a little heavy weighing in at 700 grams, but that’s what the old iPad weighed, so you are getting a lot more bang for your buck here. It has a matte aluminium finish, comes in three different colours (silver, space gray and gold) and has all the usual input slots like volume rocker controls and a lightning port. The larger screen makes navigation very easy and it comes with amazing, high resolution graphics to make the experience all the sweeter.


Accessories for the iPad Pro

Smart Keyboard

What’s new with the iPad Pro for sale is the Smart keyboard. Normal tablet keyboards rely on Bluetooth to draw power but this one uses the iPad Pro’s own power. There’s a flap in the keyboard which folds out to help prop up the iPad, but unlike most keyboards, you can’t adjust the angle of the tablet once it’s in use. This isn’t really an issue as the new iPad for sale has very wide viewing surfaces on its retina display.


In terms of use, the Apple iPad Pro’s keyboard is very similar to the Macbook’s keyboard. The buttons feel great under the fingers. The keyboard works with a magnetic dock that attaches to the device and protects the tablet. It’s even splash resistant so you don’t have to worry about spilling your coffee.

The Apple Pencil

This little device has caused a lot of controversy as Steve Jobs was known to despise the stylus. Apple decided to go ahead with it anyway and it seems like they have made the right choice. You can write or draw right on the iPad Pro as if it were a piece of paper.


The Pencil is gloss white in colour and fits in the hand just like a regular pencil. Apple has actually designed the screen to give the user resistance when they write. This was done to replicate the feel of writing on paper and they have done a rather good job here. The accuracy of the Apple Pencil is great. This is thanks to a sensor in the tip of the Pencil itself that picks up tilts and shading so the harder you press, the darker the writing is.

Office for the Apple iPad app will also be available and this allows for things like highlighting and the choosing of a range of writing implements. You will be able to do anything from summarizing notes to drawing a masterpiece.

Split screen functionality

The ability to work on multiple tasks at once without losing resolution is what the spit screen functionality will bring to the table. You will be able to browse the news and finish up your excel spreadsheet at the same time. Couple this with the IOS9 operating system and you have a very powerful device that can get plenty of things done at the same time.


The Verdict

The new Apple iPad for sale is an amazing piece of technology. It is one of the most diverse devices on the market and comes with cutting edge software and gadgets. Whether or not this will be a massive success in South Africa will largely depend on the price once it’s released in the country. To give you an idea of this; In the US the cheapest version is selling for $799, add $99 for the Pencil and $169 for the keyboard and you are looking at around $1067. A conservative estimate puts the latest iPad at around R20 000. So start saving up as Apple is looking to release the iPad Pro in South Africa around November 2015.


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