5 Cool household items that will make you cooler

I have to admit that some of these aren’t 100% household items, like the Seabreacher, but it will still make your cooler and in the Seabreacher’s case it will make your weekends more fun. Ok, let check these cool household items out.

The Seabreacher

I thought we might as well get the one that is 100% household out of the way. The Seabreacher is something that will replace your motor boat or jet-ski. With that said, you might have a huge pool of live right next to a lake and then this is the perfect household item for you.


Lock N’ load target alarm clock

Getting out of bed is getting harder each morning now that winter is here. Why not have some fun when your alarm goes off to get the blood pumping? The Lock N’ load target alarm clock is the alarm clock that gets shut off by you shooting it. My wife is going to hate this.

Lock N' load target alarm clock

Corvette Desk

This is perfect for the home office, a Corvette Desk. Not only does this desk look extremely cool, but it is also functional. This will piece of office furniture will make you cooler.

Corvette Desk

U-Socket USB Wallplug

I know these aren’t South African wallplugs, but I’m sure they can be found somewhere. It’s the idea behind this that will make you cooler. Chances are you have a few electronic devices that charge using USB. No more need for silly adapters and this will ensure you can charge your iPhone anywhere in your home.

USB Wall outlets

Retro Alien Couch

Leather couches are for uncool people. Actually this Retro Alien Couch is probably best suited for a bachelor pad or a childs room. But that doesn’t take anything away from how cool it is.

Retro Alien Couch

For more cool and strange items head over to This is Why I’m Broke.

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