Nokia Asha Devices Unveiled in South Africa

Nokia has always been one of the most popular brands of mobile phones in South Africa. Great news for South African consumers it at the Nokia Asha range of phones are coming soon!

Basically the mobile phone giant is taking another step towards connecting its next billion consumers. They have done this by unveiling the Asha Touch range. These devices are taking the full touch experience to a next level. Two new phone models have been introduced: the Nokia Asha 306 and Asha 311. The successful Asha family was first introduced in October 2011. Since then 10 Asha devices have been made available globally. This was done to provide young social consumers with phone choices that fit their respective lifestyles.

The Nokia Asha 306 and Asha 311 were created with entertainment in mind. The new products also include an exclusive gift of 40 EA games to download for free and keep forever. Games included are Tetris, Bejeweled, Need for Speed: The Run and FIFA 2012. The Asha 311 also comes with 15 levels of Angry Birds pre-loaded onto the phone.  Sounds like hours of fun for consumers if you ask me.

The Nokia Asha 311 has a bright and colorful scratch resistant glass screen with polarization filters. This ensures that users get the best experience from the phone’s unique user interface. The Asha 311 also features a 3.2 megapixel camera and a pre-installed Nokia Maps application. The social client on the Nokia Asha 311 makes accessing Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks simple and easy.

The Nokia Asha 306 is bright and colourful with a 3 inch touch screen. The phone showcases multimedia content beautifully. The Nokia Asha 306 also has WLAN. The phone is the most affordable device showcasing this feature from Nokia.

The Asha 311 and Asha 306 have been designed to provide a rich, smartphone-like experience to consumers who want to be set free from excessive data usage costs and short battery life. The new phones offer a new re-designed touch user interface. They also combine ease-of-use with digital design.

Both devices take full advantage of the new Nokia Browser 2.0 (a major update which uses Nokia’s cloud technology to reduce data usage by 70%). This means that consumers can enjoy faster and cheaper internet access and that websites load up twice as fast.

It also makes it simple and easy for users to find and select apps from the more than 10,000 that are available for download.  The estimated retail price for Nokia Asha 306 is R999 and the estimated retail price for the Nokia Asha 311 is R1599. For more information about these phones, check out the Nokia South Africa website.

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