Cool Gadgets – The SmartWatch Takeover

Are you looking for a new watch? There are plenty of reasons why you should look for a smartwatch. With their impressive functions, these intelligent watches make everyday life easier. From helping to keep your home secure to supporting your fitness goals, there are numerous advantages to owning either an iWatch, compatible with a specific iPhone for sale, or the Samsung Watch, which is in turn compatible with certain Samsung phones for sale.


What exactly is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is an intelligent wristwatch that has many more functions than traditional timepieces. Wearing one of these gadgets is similar to having a smartphone strapped to your arm. If you are looking for a smartwatch for sale, you can expect to pay more than what you would for a traditional wristwatch.


Typically, smartwatches must be connected to a smartphone if you want to access all of its functions. When disconnected from your device, smartwatches generally only tell you the time. You can connect your watch and phone using Bluetooth.


Devices with NFC chips make it more convenient to connect. The functions of smartwatches include message and email notifications. Smartphone apps allow you to listen to your favourite songs wherever you are. These smart devices can even give you driving directions.


Tips when buying a Smartwatch

When you are looking for a smartphone for sale make sure that you check its functions as they differ between watches. The smartphone that is compatible with your watch will depend on your phone’s operating system. Always remember that, when looking at either the Samsung phones for sale or the iPhone for sale, to make sure it matches the watch’s requirements.


Many of these devices have touchscreens which offer you easy access to a variety of functions. Other features that you can expect from smartwatches include a calculator, thermometer and compass.

As these watches connect to your phone it can also be used to control calls or send messages. Smartwatches that are designed for athletes can record lap times and routes. They can also note the distance that the athlete travelled during training.


Smartwatches that were designed for sailors have functions to monitor wind direction and speed. If you are considering a smartwatch for sale, here is an overview of the Samsung Gear S2 and Apple iWatch.

The Samsung Smart Watch

The Samsung Gear S2 has a resilient stainless steel frame which is attractively combined with a slim band. With a variety of watch faces and bands, compatible with the newer Samsung phones for sale, you can easily select different looks for different occasions. Watch face options include dark grey, silver and classic blue black.


Another stunning Samsung gear watch is the S2X which incorporates design elements by Atelier Mendini. Important smartphone functions are easy to access and you can scroll through long emails by softly turning the bezel. The Samsung smart watch also supports your health. You can monitor your daily exercise and heart rate with your watch. This device even offers you motivational messages to help you reach your health goals.


When you need to charge your Samsung watch all you have to do is place it in the wireless charging dock. Samsung has partnered with incredible apps to support your busy lifestyle. Your watch can play a role in keeping your home secure and the Nike+ Running App helps you to meet your exercise goals.


Twitter Trends ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest from popular accounts, while Yelp for Gear gives you information on well-known local companies. With this app you can easily find restaurants, bars and shops wherever you are. You can store your favourite playlists on your smartwatch so that you will never be without your music.


The Samsung Gear S2 connects with Samsung smartphones that have at least an Android 4.3 operating system. A minimum RAM of 1.5 GB is also required. Non Samsung phones must have a minimum of an Android 4.4 operating system and 1.5GB of RAM. The Samsung watch price for a Gear S2 is R 5299.

A look at the iWatch from Apple

Slip the iWatch onto your wrist and you will be in love instantly. This device allows you to monitor your daily activities. Adjusting your music and paying for your shopping is easy with this gadget from Apple.


This device offers you ease and convenience but it pushes the limits one step further by allowing you to do things that were previously impossible. The Workout App helps to support your health by offering you detailed measurements of your workouts.


The Activity App promotes moving, exercise and standing as part of your daily routine. The distinctive style of this watch can be personalised by switching the bands and watch faces to suit your mood and style.


When it comes to the iWatch price South Africa has access to a range of options to suit different budgets. You can buy these Apple Watches for R6000 and prices for more expensive models reach up to R 17 000.

If you are interested in owning a Smartwatch, you can choose between the iWatch or Samsung Watch. Remember to find either a compatible iPhone for sale, or if you prefer, Samsung phones for sale. Browse Junk Mail for awesome deals or place your FREE AD and sell your tech gadgets fast.


Cool Gadgets - The SmartWatch Takeover
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Cool Gadgets - The SmartWatch Takeover
A smartwatch is an intelligent wristwatch with more functions than traditional timepieces. This is similar to having a smartphone strapped to your arm.
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