Opel Corsa Bakkie: Work hard, play harder

If you are looking for a hardworking vehicle, then the Opel Corsa bakkie is a great choice. When it comes to bakkies for sale, the Opel Corsa is a popular option. With its tough exterior and good performance, it has won the hearts of South Africans.


There are numerous advantages to buying an Opel Corsa bakkie. The versatility of this model means that it is suitable for both personal and business use. Its good payload makes it easy to transport products or remove rubble from construction sites. The bakkie is also great for transporting sporting equipment. The Opel Corsa bakkie’s robust frame enables it to cope with more challenging conditions. Opel’s reputation for manufacturing reliable vehicles is another reason to find an Opel Corsa bakkie for sale.





Opel is a German manufacturer which began its operations in 1862. Since the vehicles have been available in South Africa the Corsa bakkie has become renowned nationwide. Over the years Opel has improved on the bakkie’s design to keep up with the competitive market. In 2003 a new range was launched with the slogan “work hard, play harder.” The 1.4 litre model delivers 65 kW of power at 6400 rpm while the 1.6 litre model offers 72 kW of power at 5800 rpm. These models have 14” alloy wheels and fog lights.

The Corsa 1.8 Club Utility was first offered in 2009. It has a muscular exterior with smooth lines. Not only does the Corsa Utility have a stylish exterior, it also delivers an impressive performance. This model produces 79 KW of power and 160 Nm of torque. It has a wheelbase of 2714 and a front tyre size of 185/65 R14. The Opel Corsa bakkie has a maximum speed of 185 kph and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 10.3 seconds. This model has a manual five-speed transmission. It has a payload of 870 and an optional bulbar.

The dynamic capabilities of the Opel Corsa bakkie make it an excellent buy. Find a good deal on www.JunkMail.co.za.


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