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Property to rent in gautengIf you’ve been on the hunt for property to rent, you would have noticed a few adverts on Junk Mail that contain details for a Garden Flat. Now unfortunately, many people tend to avoid these adverts as the idea of living on someone else’s property, in close proximity to their landlords, is one that doesn’t generally appeal to many. Well seeing as garden flats are, for lack of a better word, completely brilliant, I shall spend the next few minutes explaining why, because I firmly believe that renting a garden flat is the perfect choice for students, single people, young couples and even young executives just starting out in the business world.

Brilliance Personified

For many a young person, finding a place to live can be an extremely traumatic experience. Especially if you happen to be working on a tight budget which, unless you’re the son or daughter of a sultan, I can only assume you are. This is good news then for you as garden flats tend to be quite a lot cheaper than many of the flats, townhouses and even student communes found online. They also tend to be a bit bigger because they haven’t been built alongside hundreds of other flats and space wasn’t really a problem to the owners. This means you’re getting more, for less and as any good student should know, the less you spend on rent, the more you can spend on food and other necessities.


Another very important aspect to consider when you’re on the hunt for a new place, is of course, security. The good news here is that garden flats, usually found on someone else’s property, have extremely good security in the shape of dogs, electric fences and alarm systems that are owned and installed by the owner. Garden flats are also usually found in the suburbs as opposed to flats, which are usually located in the busier parts of town. This means they are quieter and far less likely to attract those of an undesirable nature. The fact that you’re usually living alongside a family, also means there is someone close by that you can call on if you ever find yourself in trouble or are in need of some assistance.

You Won’t Be Disappointed

Now I hope that I’ve managed to sell the garden flat to you as I personally know that they are a joy to live in and far less stressful than living in a busy flat or noisy complex. So, if you’re wondering where to find garden flats to rent in Gauteng, have a look at the ones found on the Junk Mail website. I promise, when it comes to finding property to rent, I know my stuff, so you won’t be disappointed.

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