Remembering The King: Elvis Presley 1935 -1977

Elvis PresleyI’ve loved his music since I can remember, that voice, the face, his presence and not even to mention “The Elvis Pelvis”

Every year thousands of Elvis fans gather at Memphis on Elvis week to remember the singer’s life, death and legacy. The main event of Elvis week is the heartfelt Candle light Vigil at Graceland, his long-time home.

This week (10-18 August) internationally known as “Elvis week” marks the 35th year since his death, but fans and followers have something else to celebrate as well; it was 1956- 55years ago when Elvis’ first two albums were released launching his rockabilly style of country and blues to millions of fans around the world.

Honouring Elvis and his breakout year his former manager and team have assembled a five-CD box set called “Young Man with the Big Beat”. The set does not only contain 5 CD’s but also an 80-page book that provides a timeline of Elvis’ years enclosing photos, fan letters and other memorabilia.

Presley’s Graceland estate has also been replicated in Denmark as a tribute to The King. His replicated estate has been built in the town of Randers and will be known as Graceland Randers.

It’s identical to the original, only bigger to house a shop, restaurant and museum. Approximately 6,000 Elvis items from guitars, letters and clothes will be displayed.

Elvis had numerous NR 1 Hits accompanied with just as much albums that topped the charts. 1956 was the year he first starred in a movie; Love Me Tender, and went on to make 33 more films in his career.

Elvis sadly died in his Memphis mansion on 16 August 1977, at the age of 42.

The legend that is Elvis will never be forgotten. Although he never learned to read music or had professional training he still to this day inspires music and artists with his distinctive sound and style.

He was the symbol of a new era, and will forever be the greatest icon there have and will ever be in the world of entertainment.

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