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Hot rods are fast, fun and expertly modified. Whether you are looking for hot rods for sale, or just admiring their beauty, there is no denying that these modified gems are absolutely gorgeous.


A brief history of hot rods

Hot rods are, in general, classic American vehicles that have large engines and are modified for an increased power and speed, as well as a fast acceleration. The term “hot rod” first appeared in the late thirties in southern California where people used to race their modified cars on the dry lake beds under SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) rules.

The sport and practice of these modifications increased in popularity after the Second World War with returning soldiers now having more technical training. These modified vehicles were also used by Bootleggers in the days of prohibition and, in order to keep up, some police vehicles also underwent modifications.

During the fifties, magazines and associations were also established, but as manufacturers started to produce cars that had higher performance, the need for hot rods decreased as muscle cars were now available.Hot-Rod-for-sale

The oil shortage of 1973 led manufacturers to meet the demands of fuel efficiency and safety, in turn affecting the performance of vehicles and reviving hot rods. The focus however was on just driving these cars and not actually racing them. This was known as ‘Street Rodding’.

In the mid-eighties, hot rodders discovered that all-aluminium 215 could be stretched, opening the door to a whole new set of modification capabilities.

Hot rods for sale on Junk Mail

Junk Mail features a number of hot rods, parts and incomplete hot rod projects that will thrill any enthusiast.

1932 Ford Coupe

A real beauty, this 1932 Ford Coupe boasts lots of chrome, a stunning leather interior and the ability to turn heads. With a Chevy V8 and 350 turbo box, this Ford Coupe has a modernized look.


Lynx 458 SS

Custom designed, modified and built by a hot rod builder in East London, this Lynx 458 SS is newly painted in the Mercedes A-Class South Sea Metallic Blue and boasts a 1600 Ford Kent engine and Dellorto side drafts. Its chrome has also been redone and it features a 63 millimetre stainless steel exhaust system.


1947 International

With a full drive chain and a 302 Ford V8, this 1974 International has tons of extras, including an MP3 player beautifully hidden in the glove compartment.


Chevy Coup Hot Rod

This 1933 Chevy Coup hot rod has undergone a complete rebuild and features a steel body, a 350 Chevy V8 engine, Jag suspension and a Dakotah digital gauge cluster. It also has leather interior, Edelbrock Performer RPM Aluminium heads, door poppers and an Edelbrock 650 CFM carburettor.


If you love hot rods and are looking for parts or a project of your own, Junk Mail is the perfect place to start. With a range of stunning bodies, parts and complete hot rods for sale, you are sure to fall head over heels. Selling your car or hot rod? Place your free ad on!


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