The Soweto Hotel makes us all believe in Love

For all you romantics at heart that believe in the intuition of celebrating love, then the Soweto Hotel and Conference Centre is perfect place for you this Valentine’s Day.

The Junk Mail team recently spent a day being entrenched in the culture and spirit of Soweto. The Soweto Hotel and Conference Centre became not only our conference hall, it became our home. The building reminded us not only of the history of our beautiful rainbow nation but how far we have come.  During our visit we were continually surrounded by the love of Kliptown and its wonderful community.

Soweto Hotel
Soweto Hotel

The Kliptown area is a home to many memories and we took the time to reflect on these moments in time. In the tradition of memories being made, we wanted to personally thank the Soweto Hotel and Conference Centre for the amazing South Africa experience you gave us and continue to share with other local and international guests that want to be touched by your Africanfortress.

The Soweto Outdoor Adventures and Fun Quads heighten our love for Soweto by driving us through the streets and giving us a heartfelt tour of the town and its iconic landmarks. We were welcomed by smiling and waving children everywhere we went. This was more than an adventure it was journey that will always remain a part of our hearts and live in our souls forever.

Soweto Hotel

Soweto Hotel

Junk Mail has conducted close to 50 conferences over the past 20 years in nearly 30 different locations and this trip to theSoweto Hotel and Conference Centre has been the most memorable.  Our conferences aim to provide our staff with a new perspective on the year ahead in terms of their goals and focus, however thanks to your facility we all were filled and enriched with a lot more than just focus of our goals, but with a sense of ownership towards ourselves, our community and our country.

Create your own Soweto memory by taking your love one down love lane and treat them to Soweto Hotel and Conference Centre romantic rendezvous.  Check out the invite below and make a booking now!

Soweto Hotel
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